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See what you Need To Do After A Car Accident.

See what you Need To Do After A Car Accident.

If you are a resident of Kent and you got involved in a car accident then and need a lawyer, you can contact a car accident lawyer in Kent. After an accident, lawyers will guide you through the whole case and help you get the insurance claimed. If the accident was not your fault, they would also demand compensation for your loss from the defendant. If you haven’t met any accidents yet, thank heavens! But that does not make you immune from accidents in the future. Suppose you have met with an accident; what will be the things you need to do? Go through this article and prepare yourself for the aftermath of the accident.

Stop the car and stay on the spot

When you have got into an accident, you need to stop and stay at the accident spot as it is a legal obligation, and it would be better not to break it. Avoid getting yourself in any argument with others at the accident spot. 

See if you are hurt

After getting out of your car, look around and check who is injured. Also, check for your injuries too. If anyone or you are injured, then you seek medical help. If the injury is minor, get the first aid box from your car or ask the other party if they have any first aid. In case the injury is severe, call an ambulance.

Click pictures

Click photos of the area of the accident, the damaged vehicle, and also your injuries. Often the insurance companies and the liable party for the accident do not want o pay the compensation you deserve, these pictures will serve as solid evidence of the scene, and you can emphasize your claim. Do it before the police come to the location, as after the police arrive, you will not be allowed to take pictures. You can also shoot a video. A video is also a solid piece of evidence that will help you.

Call the police

You need to file the incident to the police. Call the police and wait for them to arrive. Tell them about what has happened in full detail. Do not answer any question that may jeopardize you if you are unsure of the answer. Before the police arrive, take pictures of the accident scene and also your injuries and photos of your car.

Do not talk about unnecessary things.

You must be very careful when speaking with the police and insurance company representatives. When the police take your record of the accident, tell only the things you are sure about, do not talk about something you are unsure of, and do not admit your mistake or apologize. Apologizing may hamper your case. Also, avoid them when the insurance company comes before you talk to your lawyer. The insurance company is very tight at pocket and will try to settle your case in a lowball amount, and they can twist and turn your statement and use that against you. Let the attorney handle the insurance company.

Call a car accident attorney

You need to get in touch with a car accident attorney as soon as possible. A car attorney is polished in handling such cases and will tell you exactly what you must and must not do. They will also take care of your car insurers. Suppose this is the first time you get involved in an accident, and in that case, you can not find a car accident attorney immediately after your accident, so you need to find the best attorney for car accident cases beforehand and have their number saved.