Home News Serbian | Sanja Djurdjevic Banned On Grounds Racist Gesture

Serbian | Sanja Djurdjevic Banned On Grounds Racist Gesture

Serbian | Sanja Djurdjevic Banned On Grounds Racist Gesture

Serbian | Sanja Djurdjevic Banned On Grounds Racist Gesture: After she was caught with a camera stretching her eyes – a racist gesture that mocks people from Asian heritage – a Serbian volleyball player was suspended for two games at the time of the international contest between Serbia and Thailand.

Serbian | Sanja Djurdjevic Banned On Grounds Racist Gesture



Sanja Djurdjevic was caught violating the sport’s disciplinary rules on June 1 while competing in the match in Italy. Similarly stated in a statement released on Tuesday by the FIVB Disciplinary Panel Sub-Committee.
In addition to the suspension, the independent body, which is responsible for imposing disciplinary sanctions within FIVB competitions, issued a monetary fine to Serbia’s volleyball federation.

The penalty was AU$28,000 equivalent.

The Panel says the FIVB will give the money for the cause of discrimination and/or the financing of cultural sensitivity education programs.

Straightforward Transparency

Djurdjevic apologizes for her actions, posting on her account that disables. She knows her mistake and apologized to the whole team of Thailand immediately after the match.
she realized her mistake and she wants to apologize for her behavior. she doesn’t want to disrespect anybody. Shevratherly plays like a defense with them In addition, a conciliatory message is posting on Facebook by the Volleyball Federation of Serbian States, saying they “reverently apologize” to the team, but asked people, “not to blow it out of proportion”.

Sanja has accepted her error and apologized to the whole Thailand team.

She had no ill intent.

Of course, it was.” The rest of the story, as told by the two teams, was a simple misunderstanding that arose between the players.

‘Let’s not exaggerate this’

A video shares through one of the Thai players by attaching the written apology and there was a picture of the team members on both sides.

Since screenshots of the event are widely sharing on social media, thousands of people signing a request for more responsibility.
As a human being, an excuse is a bare minimum. However, in an official sport, Djurdjevic and the National Volleyball Team represent their country under official FIVB regulations. And these rules should preserve their creativeness and set the world’s standards.


The actions of Djurdjevic are the result of the world’s anti-Asian racism spike. The reports from the United Kingdom to Australia have increased with the pandemic taking place last year. They have reported anti-East and anti-Southeast Asian hate crimes in the West.

The role plays through social media to illuminate these incidents continues to be emphasizing by sportspeople about violence towards Asians. Earlier this year, Jeremy Lin, a former NBA star, encouraged spectators.
The FIVB affirms that Djurdjevic is the end of punishment. Also by adding that it is committing against all forms of discrimination to foster understanding, solidarity, and unity. With all its national federations the FIVB continues to work unfailingly. So as to ensure that these values are reflecting across the community.