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Significant Industrial Energy Saving Using Synthetic Oil

Significant Industrial Energy Saving Using Synthetic Oil

As energy costs continue to rise, an effective way to improve the industry’s energy efficiency is to switch from a crude based oil to a synthetic oil.

What is energy efficiency? 

Energy efficiency, quite simply, is the difference between the power you use and the power you get. Power loss is manifested by temperature such as friction between bearings, seals or gears. Reduce losses and improve energy efficiency.

In the manufacturing industry, 

Conveyors that use worm gears to move products daily are leading candidates for high-performance synthetic oils. Bottling and brewing companies, as well as mining with many conveyor gears, are achieving significant energy savings in the industry through the use of high-efficiency synthetic oils.

The efficiency of the gearbox depends on the type of gearbox, 

But Multipurpose Oil with high efficiency (synthetic lubricants based on polyglycol and polyalphosphine) save more industrial energy than mineral oil for most gear applications. Low slip gears such as helical bevel and bevel gears increase efficiency, while high slip gears such as worm and hypoid gears can save up to 7% on industrial energy.

Synthetic lubricants not only reduce operating temperature and increase efficiency, but also extend the life of the system.

Synthetic lubricants have been shown to improve performance and extend tool life. According to some studies, switching from mineral-based oil to synthetic oil can reduce production costs by 2-8%.

There are many options when choosing a lubricant for a gearbox or machine. 

These options range from mineral based oils to synthetic and semi-synthetic oils. Lubricants have a significant impact on profits as manufacturers strive to save intact and sustainable industrial energy. Therefore, engineers need to understand the benefits and uses of high quality synthetic lubricants.

Synthetic lubricants are extremely stable, 

lubricating oils have a positive effect on wear safety and fatigue, and they have been proven to extend the life of gearboxes and machines while saving industrial energy.

Thus, the initial cost of synthetic lubricants may be higher, but this can be justified by increasing the age of the gearbox or machine, which contributes to a more reliable manufacturing process and continuous energy savings in the industry. The price difference between mineral oil and synthetic oil is decreasing. If you want to take full advantage of synthetic oils, the initial investment is often very valuable. Industrial energy savings change over time.

Prolonged change of oil when using synthetic lubricants reduces the environmental impact. 

Safe disposal of old oil requires disposal costs. High-performance synthetic oils improve the energy efficiency of equipment, help save energy in the industry, reduce CO2 emissions, and protect the environment.

In short, the use of synthetic oils is a direct tool to save industrial energy, reduce costs, and reduce industrial environmental impact.

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