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Silicone Menstrual Cup | Some Details About And Uses & Benefits

Silicone Menstrual Cup

Silicone Menstrual Cup | Some Details About And Uses & Benefits: A menstrual cup is a reusable product for female hygiene. It will insert into vagina for collecting and collect fluid from a small, flexible funnel shaped cup made out of rubber or silicone.

Cups may contain more blood than othe r methods, which leads many women to use as an environmentally friendly alternative to tampons. We can wear a cup for up to 12 hours depending on your flow.

Silicone Menstrual Cup | Some Details About And Uses & Benefits

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How Do I Use A Cup?

Talk to gynaecologist if you have interest in using a menstrual cup. Even if you can buy one of the brands online, or in many shops, you will need to know what size we need first.

Most brands sell small and large versions of menstrual cup. You and your physician should consider to find the right menstrual cup size for you:

  • Depends on your age
  • Your uterus length
  • if you’ve got heavy flow or not
  • Cup strength and flexibility
  • Cup ability
  • muscles of the pelvic floor
  • if you have vaginally given birth

For women less than thirty years old who not delivered vaginally, smaller menstrual cups are typically recommended. For women over the age of 30 years, larger sizes are often recommended, vaginally born, or heavier.

Before You Put Your Cup In You Should Know

It may feel awkward when you first use a menstrual cup. But ‘grading’ your cup can contribute to making the process fluid. Lub the edge with water or a water-based lube before you put it in your cup (lubricant). It is easier to insert a wet menstrual cup.

How Do You Put Your Cup In?

If you can insert a tampon, inserting a menstrual cup is quite easy. Follow the following steps to use a cup:

  • Carefully wash your hands.
  • Apply water or lube to the cup rim. Apply the water.
  • Fold half of the cup thoroughly and hold it with the edge facing up in one hand.
  • Place the cup in your vagina like a tampon without a candidate. It should be a couple of centimetres below your col.
  • Rotate your vagina once the cup is in your vagina. It opens up to create a sturdy dressing which stops leaks.

If you inserted the cup correctly, you shouldn’t feel your menstrual cup. You should also be able to move around, jump, sit and stand without your cup falling out and perform other daily activities. Talk to your doctor if you have difficulties putting in the cup.

When To Take Out Your Cup

A menstrual cup can also be worn for 6 to 12 hours depending on the heavy flow or not. You can therefore use a cup to protect yourself overnight.

We should remove the 12-hour mark of your menstrual cup. You have to empty it in advance, if it is complete before that, to avoid leaks.

How Do You Take Out Your Cup?

Follow these steps to make a menstrual cup:

  • Carefully wash your hands.
  • In your vagina, insert your index finger and thumb. Pull the stem of the cup softly to the bottom.
  • Click the base for the screen and pull the cup down.
  • Empty the cup into the toilet once it is out.

Postcare Of The Cup

Before reinserting into your vagina, reusable menstrual cups should be washed and wiped clean. At least twice a day, your cup should be emptied.

Reusable cups are durable and can be used with proper care for 6 months to 10 years. After removal, throw away jacket cups.

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