Home News Spitting On A Police Officer, Is An Offence And Charge Of Penalty

Spitting On A Police Officer, Is An Offence And Charge Of Penalty

Spitting on Police Officer

Spitting On A Police Officer, is An Offence And Charge Of Penalty: He claimed he had COVID-19 after spitting on a police officer in central Oregon and saying he was infected with it.

Daniel Ray Stubblefield, 36, pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment and menacing, according to The Bulletin. The part of a plea deal, three other charges against him were dismissed.

According to police, Stubblefield had been drinking and assaulting another person on March 23. Stubblefield take into custody because he has two arrest warrants relating to different cases on his record.

Spitting On A Police Officer, is An Offence And Charge Of Penalty

Spitting on Police Officer


In addition, police say Stubblefield repeatedly coughed and spat on the officer’s face. COVID-19 has later found to be absent from the officer’s body. Alcohol and mental health issues have plagued Stubblefield.

Law enforcement encounters embarrassed Stubblefield. Most of the time, he said to Judge Alison Emerson, he couldn’t remember what he’d done.

A few minutes ago, he found himself locked up in a cell. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to kick this habit. The people he has hurt are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Stubblefield is Psychic Or IS It Because Of Intoxication

Stubblefield stayed at Sage View Psychiatric Center in St. Charles Bend between several of his recent arrests, the only inpatient psychiatric facility east of the Cascades.

Michelle McIver, his lawyer, said medication and inpatient treatment were adequate for a time. It wasn’t long, however, before he returned to Bend and was once again undergoing detox.

He’s just a completely different person without medication and alcohol.” It seems to me that he knows precisely what he needs to do. Hope he’s able to leave prison on a positive note.”

In an interview with Judge Alison Emerson, Stubblefield says it is painful to know that he victimize police officers and members of his family, whom he respects when he’s not intoxicate.

He Was Ashamed on Spitting On A Police Officer

This has embarrassed him to no end. He asks that they refrain from judging him solely based on his symptoms, which are evident in these cases. The vast majority of the time, when he told what he has done, he don’t even remember these things.

“Good luck in prison,” Judge Emerson told him.

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