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Supreme Community | Supreme Court Rejects Win Policy Case

Supreme Community

Supreme Community | Supreme Court Rejects Win Policy Case:  The Supreme Court declines with the hearing of the transgender man in his case, which allowed a lower court ruling for him to stand undisputed in the school bathroom aligned with his sexual identity, to use the bathroom.

On Monday, the High Court refused to hear a transgender man’s right. The right is to use a bathroom that matched his gender identity. And handed over a win to the man at the core of Gavin Grimm’s case, ending a lengthy legal battle over the matter.

Supreme Community | Supreme Court Rejects Win Policy Case

Supreme Community

Violation of 14th Amendment | Supreme Community

In 2015, Grimm sued Virginia’s Gloucester County School Board following a policy. Hence it prevented him from taking the Men’s High School toilet, which he had attended. The US 4th circuit Appeals Court rules 2-1 last August that the school board involves discrimination based on sex and violates the 14th amendment.

As usual, there was no explanation by the Supreme Court as to why judges rejected the school board’s appeal.

Supreme Community Declines Hearing

The Court of Justice refuses to hear the appeal of the school board and does not question the court of appeal’s decision.

The focus issues regarding this appeal are whether equal protection and Title IX. It can protect transgender school students from policies prohibiting gender affirmation. Hence they agree with a growing consensus among the courts that the answer.

Anti-Discrimination Legislation

Transgender people identify and live as a sex other than the sex at birth. It is worst that ruling, and federal anti-discrimination legislation included protections based on gender identity or sexual partition; it did not deal with bathroom policies.

In this incident, the victim had to use the nurse’s room, a private bathroom, and the girl’s room. Hence his education had been seriously impaired by my going to the off-the-way bathrooms. Trans youth deserve peaceful use of the bathroom without their own school boards and elected officials having been humiliated and stigmatized.

Supreme Community Liberties For Trans

For Grimm and other transgender students, the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginie sued Grimm’s school board as a “win-win” for the news.

The rights of trans students treat with dignity and respect toilets been discus.

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