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Top 3 Tools to Flip Pages in PDF

Top 3 Tools to Flip Pages in PDF

The PDF file format became a common file format to use for electronic documents. It can be shared easily like most digital files and can be stored on almost all digital devices. However, the convenience brought by pdf has its downside as well. If you have frequently used this file format, you’ll know that it could be difficult to edit them.

Top 3 Tools to Flip Pages in PDF


One of them is flipping the pages. It may seem easy like turning a paper from portrait to landscape and vice versa, but it may be a little bit more complicated than that. Luckily, there are plenty of websites (where some even work offline) that can rotate pdf. Try these top 3 tools that will help you edit pdf files and most of all – can rotate pdf online.


Visit 2PDF.com and you’ll be surprised at how organized the website is. It includes a wide variety of free online pdf tools, which includes the ability to flip pages in pdf. Rotating the file using this website is very easy. Start by uploading the file by selecting from the file directory or drag-and-drop on the dedicated box. Once the screen shows the thumbnails of the pages, use the rotation option that can be seen below it. There is also an option to select multiple pages to change page orientation all at once. When done, click on the red “Rotate pages” button then download the processed file. If you need to use more pdf tools, just go back to the home screen and you’ll see some basic and advanced options available to use which are currently offered for free.


Just like a chef, this website can “cook” your pdf file to your desired liking. It includes rotating pdf pages, with similar steps to 2PDF.com. Upload the file, rotate pages through the left or right button (with 90-degree increment on each), then save and download once finished processing. Aside from PDF editing tools, you may also find other editing tools for different media and electronic files. You may also download the PC version where the site promises that the service is free of charge as of writing, whether online or offline use.


Obviously, the site domain name says it all. Upon entering the domain name on your internet browser, the site’s homepage has a straightforward approach. You’ll immediately see the rotate pdf option where it will ask users to upload or drag-and-drop the file on the dedicated area of the page. Scroll down the page and you’ll see another common tool – converting PDF to JPG format and vice versa. Though it has a very simple interface, this site is not recommended to those who will need to use more pdf tools. It may need you to find another site for other purposes that goes beyond conversion and rotating.

Some may say that rotating PDF is unnecessary, due to the portable devices that are available in the market. However, those who are still using devices that have a fixed orientation may find it difficult.

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