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Top 5 Chatbot Builders for WhatsApp


Why would a business want to set up a chatbot for WhatsApp? Because it’s one of the most popular messengers, and such a tool can be helpful for most businesses, including modern sites, like https://www.bobcasino.com/pt or Amazon, and old-fashioned platforms. Here are five reliable tools that will help achieve the best results.

What Is a Chatbot and What Is Important to Know About WhatsApp

A chatbot is a text-based dialogue system that allows a real person to chat with a technical system. Chatbots are used in social networks, messengers and websites. They simultaneously create the effect of live communication and relieve support staff.

Messengers are divided into two types: with open and closed API. WhatsApp has a closed API, so the only legal way to use a chatbot in this messenger is to install WhatsApp Business API. In other cases, there are restrictions and the risk that the account will be blocked for mass mailing.  

5 Chatbot Builders for WhatsApp

Chatbot by SendPulse

SendPulse is the official provider of the WhatsApp Business API. The tool offers a free chatbot connection and 1,000 free sessions each month. Businesses can connect to the WhatsApp Business API for large-scale mass mailings, or use a simple WhatsApp client or the WhatsApp Business app to set up auto-replies to frequent questions for a small number of customers.

Pros of working with SendPulse:

  • Access to a visual builder for creating chatbots, templates and analytics.
  • Ability to integrate your chatbot with CRM systems, chat services, and other projects.

Chat-bot by BOT-KIT

This bot is free to use for only three days. Then you have to choose a subscription plan depending on the number of planned dialogs. All plans are available: designer, integration with CRM systems, API, sending and receiving files, message statuses, conversion tracking, ability to write first, auto-links.

A nice touch is that the service offers a video guide on how to create your own chatbot.

Chatbot by Salebot

The service positions itself as the most functional constructor for chatbots. Users are provided with chatbot builder, special Android app, graphical editor, built-in CRM system, integration with other CRM systems and Google Sheets, analytics, and more.

You can try the designer for free for only three days. This time can be used for training because Salebot offers a three-day training marathon for those who want to get acquainted with the platform and find out what it can do. If you don’t have time to build a chatbot, you can order its development.

LEADTEX’s Chatbot Builder

Unlike other services, LEADTEX offers a seven-day trial. Here, beginners can learn how to make chatbots, mini-bottoms, set up payments, and integrate chatbots into other systems.

Aimylogic Chatbot Builder

It’s another noteworthy constructor that offers customers to create a chatbot with artificial intelligence. The bot understands the meaning of speech, learns from examples, understands products and terms if you add them to the directory. The tool works not only with text bots but also with voice bots.

Aimylogic doesn’t develop bots, but offers a self-training guide and recommends partners who are willing to do the work.