Home News Trump Biden | “You Are Destroying Guatemala” Trump Won

Trump Biden | “You Are Destroying Guatemala” Trump Won

Trump Biden | “You Are Destroying Guatemala” Trump Won

Trump Biden | “You Are Destroying Guatemala” Trump Won: As Guatemala’s president blamed former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden for this year’s migrant problem, demonstrators greeted Harris and told her, “Trump won” and “go home.”
Hence she arrives for a meeting with Guatemala President Alejandro Giammattei. Harris could see the rally from her motorcade as she came one day after Giammattei accused the United States of enticing his voters to move north.

Trump Biden | “You Are Destroying Guatemala” Trump Won

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Guatemala Is Pro-Life

A giant billboard above the country’s presidential palace read, “Kamala, Trump has won.” Other signs read “Kamala, Mind Your Own Business,” the pool report added. Biden’s migration czar, Kamala Harris, was also pictured with posters that read, “Kamala, Go Home.” In addition, an activist group has placed up a giant placard using a doctored photo of Harris that shows her to be pregnant.

It said, “Guatemala is pro-life and wants to help mothers like me.” The existence of Harris’ biological offspring is uncertain. Activists have added another sign on a giant billboard on the highway that looks hoisted up. And that banner reads, “Kamala, Stop Funding Criminals #FueraDeGuatemala.” No one knows how many participants took part in the demonstration.

In an interview that aired on CBS, Giammattei blamed the Biden administration for the migrant situation. In a televised interview, the Guatemalan president asserted that he and Harris “are not on the same side of the coin” regarding migration.

We requested the U.S. government to issue a more direct request to ensure that nobody else attempts to depart, Giammattei explained.

When Biden became office, “the message transformed,” he said. “It evolved from ‘We’re going to reunite families and children to ‘We’re going to reunite families and refugees.'” The coyotes gathered the neighborhood kids the next day and began their journey to the United States.

A Major Goal In His Agenda

Harris will leave Guatemala on Monday evening after a day of meetings to go to Mexico, where she will meet with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Tuesday.

Former President Donald Trump made preventing illegal immigration and asylum-seeker caravans from Central America significant issues of his four-year presidency. However, he once turned off international aid to regional governments.

Critics blame Biden’s policies for the unprecedented rise in illegal immigration, particularly his decision to abandon Trump’s “Wait in Mexico” policy, which obliged most Central American asylum seekers to remain in Mexico. At the same time, U.S. courts investigated their claims of persecution.

Biden also called to complete Trump’s border wall with Mexico and asked Congress to enact legislation. So that would provide a road to citizenship for most illegal immigrants. Republicans claimed that the legislation and Biden policy changes create new “pull” reasons for illegal immigration. Also, contradicting Harris’ focus on “root issues” in Central America.

The number of border detentions at the US-Mexico border reached a 21-year high of more than 178,000 in April, the most recent month for which figures are available. Many families and unaccompanied minors come from Central America’s three-country “Northern Triangle,” Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

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