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Turpin | Children Gave A Response Of Parents Sentencing

Turpin | Children Gave A Response Of Parents Sentencing

Turpin | Children Gave A Response Of Parents Sentencing: The first time that their parents were condemned for torture and years’ imprisonment, a son or daughter of David and Louise Turpin spoke in court on Friday.

Turpin | Children Gave A Response Of Parents Sentencing


Family Bliss

Please convey the fact that our parents loved each other and their children. In Texas people, even friends, our parents said that they had too many children. It didn’t agree with our parents. Those who felt God blessed us with all your children so that those who kept yourself away from this world and trusted God to guide us through life. Our mom wrote our dad two small notes.
The first thing in the note that it’s a god that controls our life all the time. We have a perfect life because God always cared for us so well. For this, we are so grateful to God. We would love to pray regularly together. Spending our time with God would make our life amazing.

The second note reads that we have the best gift ever is children. Children. We’ve always known what our beautiful children are; it’s even fantastic when they’re your own. The best of all gifts.
Over the years, things have become more and more overwhelming, but they have relied on God. The child recalls mother sat down and cried and said that she doesn’t know what to do. But she was afraid of taking too much sugar and caffeine from her children. She did not like ropes or chains.

Our parents never stopped buying the soda because it was necessary to work for the father. He was driving asleep and was in an accident. They knew not what to do otherwise. They think our parents feared that they’d lose their children if they asked for help. We knew not that our parents had been malnourished. They thought, because our mother was so small, we all got the gene. God has blessed them with good kids the child remembers Mother saying.

Statements In The Courts

Our parents got us pizza and Mexican food once or twice a week, on average. Let us know if you are still hungry and she will give you more. Their first child attended a public school. Mother started teaching her at home and noticed a significant change. We were homeschooled by our parents. It worked at first, but as time went on, it became too much. There are many reasons why our parents avoided sending us to public school. They felt God put it on their hearts to home school. We received better treatment and people started praising our family. The entire family can now feel safe about going out.

They got us annual passes to Disneyland and took us to see many different locations. We’ve been celebrating Christmas each year as far back as I can remember. We would get what we wanted, even if we couldn’t afford it. We always kept our birthdays in step with theirs. Things were stressful near the end. I truly believe that our mother lost both of her parents in 2016.

He thinks 25 years is too long (of a sentence). He believes our parents always worked hard to raise all of us and they wanted to give us a happy life. Everything they did was for our protection. He truly appreciates it if the court can place our parents as close to the detention center as possible. Then, we can. Furthermore, He requesting the two-year restraining order be lifted and for both my parents to be allowed to call him.

Thanks for hearing my statement

son Joshua, 27-year-old:

It’s something that words alone cannot adequately describe. She still has nightmares about things like her siblings being tied up or beaten. This is the present, not the past. She loves her parents and has moved on from our grievances with them.

Since January, She has learns a lot and become very independent. In June of last year, She learned how to ride a bike, and now she uses it all the time. School, the store, or occasionally long rides because she enjoys them.

She is a college student who lives in an apartment. After she earns her bachelor’s degree, she will begin working as a software engineer and earn her master’s degree while doing so. Additionally, She has learned how to speak up for herself how to swim, and how to cook healthy food. She also learning to manage money effectively.

Your Honor, thank you.
The children describe to a judge how the family lived, and Louise Turpin, 50, wipes away tears. On April 19, 2019, David and Turpin were sentenced to life in prison in Riverside, California.

She loves my two parents equally.

25-year-old Jessica (read by her brother, Joshua)