Home News Unprecedented Heat Wave Builds, Records Fall In US

Unprecedented Heat Wave Builds, Records Fall In US

Unprecedented Heat Wave Builds, Records Fall In US

Unprecedented Heat Wave Builds, Records Fall In US:  Intense, Prolonged, Record-breaking, Unprecedented, Abnormal and Dangerous. It is how the weather service describes the historic heatwave that hit the northwest of the Pacific, driving temperatures of daytime to three digits and breaking records of all-time high temperatures in locations where there is no air conditioning for many residents.

Unprecedented Heat Wave Builds, Records Fall In US

Unprecedented Heat

Temperature Expectation

In Portland, Oregon, Sunday’s anticipated temperature -112 degrees Celsius – would break the 108 degrees all-time temperature record set a day ago. Another 112-degree day on Monday is expecting to expect.

The temperature at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport expecting to reach the record of 104 F (40 C) on Sunday and exceed that of 111 F (43.9 C) on Monday with the continuing excessive heat warning for the area.

Because of the heat, King County shut down several COVID-19 sites. However, the Seattle Times reported that Sunday and Monday, Seatle has opened additional branches of the public library to supply other refrigeration centers.


Light rail trains of Seattle may have to operate at a lower speed due to excessive track heat. Resulting in delays that might continue throughout the working week, Sound Transit said Sunday.

The heatwave moves into Idaho, where temperatures higher than 100 F (38 C) . It predicting at least seven days from Monday in Boise. In addition, Ontario, Oregon — a city near the Idaho border see the three-digit temperature at least a week, Wednesday’s high 109 F (42.8 C).

Measures So People Don’t Fall Sick

Cities recall residents who are provided with pools, sprinkling pads, and cooling centers and urge people to stay hydrated, inspect their neighbors and avoid hard work.

Some sources say the most extreme and long-lasting heat waves in recorded inland northwest history are likely to happen. In addition to endangering the health of inland Northwest residents not in parallel heat, our region will be  increasingly vulnerable to wildfires and the impact of our ongoing drought will intensify.

It harms if one don’t drink only water, then you must eat, and electrolytes must replace to it. It will end up here at the hospital if one only drinks water and feel sick.

Unprecedented Heat Athletes And Firefighters

Nevertheless, approximately 3000 athletes were planned on Sunday for the Ironman Triathlon in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The start of the race was until 5 a.m. The event will include:

  • A swim of 2,4 miles.
  • A bike tour of 112 miles.
  • A marathon runs for 26,2 miles (3.9-kilometer swim, a 180-kilometer bike ride, and a 42-kilometer run).

In 8 hours, 7 minutes, and 42 seconds, Sam Long of Boulder, Colorado, won a race. Race organizers said they had ice at the water stations, misting stations, chilled towels, worth 62,000 Livres (28,000 kilograms), to hand out to athletes, reports KHQ-TV.

Extra firefighters and paramedics were introduced from the Coeur d’Alene Fire Department because they often see additional drying calls at the event. As a result, they will have a crew of 60 on Sunday instead of a team of 17 firefighters. Five hundred twenty-five people in a medical tent when the temperatures had risen to 100 and that five people had been to the hospital.

At the start of Monday, the high temperatures are expecting to move to western Montana.