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Ways to Use Alexa On Your Android Smartphones

Ways to Use Alexa On Your Android Smartphones

Ways to Use Alexa On Your Android Smartphones: Alexa, made by Amazon, is now a part of many devices and appliances such as cars, televisions, and smart lights, and has made life easier. Initially, Amazon made it available to iOS users only by adding it to the Amazon Shopping app.

Following this, the Mate 9 smartphone from Huawei also got Alexa as the default personal assistant software. Today, all Android phones come with support for Alexa. 

For people who are a fan of smart homes, Alexa plays a great role in helping them to integrate smart devices seamlessly. By using Alexa, you can simply give voice commands to control every connected device in your home. All you need is a quality internet service like Spectrum Number customer service to ensure connectivity at all times.

Ways to Use Alexa On Your Android Smartphones

Android Smartphones

1. How to Install Alexa on Android

On Android smartphones, make sure to set Alexa as your main personal assistant. To do this, you will need to replace the Google Assistant. Do note that Alexa may not work with all Android devices. At the moment, certain Android devices lack the support necessary to operate Alexa without glitches and issues.

The normal procedure after installing Alexa is to tap the settings icon. Then, go to the “assist app” option and select Amazon Alexa as your default personal assistant. Once you do this, Google Assistant will no longer be functional. Make sure to connect all your home devices with it for easy control and management. 

2. Key Uses of Alexa

Learn more about how you can use the Alexa app on your smartphone in the passages below.

3. Alexa Commands

You can use Alexa to perform plenty of actions on your connected devices. Just give a command to your phone and start the personal assistant. Then, with the help of voice commands, you can ask Alexa to record your voice, play your favorite music, turn on the flashlight, and watch your favorite movies.

Alexa saw its major breakthrough in 2018 because Amazon introduced some major enhancements for it. They launched the Alexa app that takes integration to the next level. With the help of the app, users can simply access the personal assistant with a single tap on the Alexa symbol.

Once you do this, Alexa will be active and you can give a plethora of voice commands to control the smart devices in your home. 

4. Amazon Shopping App

The first real-world application of Alexa was in the Amazon Shopping app. Amazon provided a microphone icon at the top of the UI of the application in the search bar for easy access. By tapping on it, one can easily search for anything in the shop and even track their orders.

However, the recent upgrades of the application allow users to do much more than just track their orders or search for shop products. On the Amazon Shopping app, you can not only stream music but you can also listen to your favorite audiobooks.

Furthermore, you can also ask Alexa to provide you the latest news updates. Alexa also empowers users to make phone calls or even launch games. You can also integrate your calendar with the personal assistant to get updates regarding pending tasks. 

5. Amazon Music App

A very useful application of Alexa is the Amazon Music app. Start the Amazon Music app and give the app permission to access the microphone of your mobile device.

Then just say Alexa out loud and the assistant will start up. Once you do this, then you can control your music without having to tap on your phone. With simple voice commands, you can ask Alexa to play your soundtracks, queue up another song, or pause the music player.

Using Alexa as a personal assistant opens a world of possibilities for users. They can control their entire smart home from their smartphone.

Even while you’re sitting on a comfy couch, with quick voice commands you can turn off the extra lights in your drawing room, start the air conditioner, or play your favorite movie on the smart TV! Have fun while using Alexa!

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