Home News What time does ‘Hard Knocks’ air today? How to watch, live stream Episode 2 with Cowboys

What time does ‘Hard Knocks’ air today? How to watch, live stream Episode 2 with Cowboys

What time does ‘Hard Knocks’ air today? How to watch, live stream Episode 2 with Cowboys

Dak is  not back.

It’s possible that we’ll get a better understanding of what’s going on with Dak Prescott in Episode 2 of this season’s “Hard Knocks” if the Cowboys are without their quarterback.

Hard Knocks

Episode 1

On the contrary, the first episode of this year’s behind-the-scenes look at training camp with the Dallas Cowboys was extremely instructive: Dak Prescott was given some one-on-one time with the show crew, during which he shared his thoughts on his ankle injury; Mike McCarthy provided a (albeit ham-fisted) look at “Mojo Moments” in practise; and Jerry Jones poured salt on a McGriddle during which he poured salt on a McGriddle

Episode 2

Now that the series has gotten off to a strong start, Dallas will have to step up their game for Episode 2. Prescott’s nagging shoulder/back/lat injury will, more than likely, be at the forefront of this week’s episode if the peeled-back curtain from Week 1 is any indication.

What time does Hard Knocks air tonight?

  • Date: Tuesday, Aug. 17
  • Time: 10 p.m. ET
  • TV channel: HBO

The second episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series, which will air on Tuesday, August 17 at 10 p.m. ET, will air.

The Cowboys’ five-episode training-camp series will air every Tuesday night until the Cowboys open the regular season against the Buccaneers on Thursday, Sept. 9, according to the NFL.

How to watch, live stream Episode 2 on HBO

  • TV Channel: HBO
  • Live stream: HBO Max

Traditional cable subscribers can watch “Hard Knocks” on HBO if they have a subscription to the network. Those who want to watch the show and get a close-up look at Cowboys training camp will have to subscribe to HBO Max, which will cost them an additional fee.

‘Hard Knocks’ preview: Season 16

The Dallas Cowboys finished third in the NFC East last season, the NFL’s weakest division, with a record of 6-10. Prescott’s return from an ankle injury that limited him to just five games last year has set high expectations for the upcoming season.

As a “Hard Knocks” storyline, Prescott’s return is likely to be one of the most talk about In addition, he’s nursing a shoulder injury, so his return could delay.

In addition, the coaching staff will give a great deal of consideration during the event. Despite Mike McCarthy’s rookie season as Dallas Cowboys head coach not going exactly as planned, his job is in jeopardy this year. There will be a lot of attention on Dallas’ new defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn, who has been brought in as a replacement for defensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

Micah Parsons, a first-round draught pick, and his fellow linebackers will be among the players to keep an eye on. Players like Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch are in that room and could be competing for deals in Dallas — or elsewhere.

If the producers of “Hard Knocks” can find a plucky underdog to focus on, this series is sure to have some hidden gems. After missing out on any preseason action last year, sports fans can look forward to four games this year. There are four preseason games scheduled for Dallas, which has already faced the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Hall of Fame Game.

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