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What Finger, Length May Say About You

What Finger, Length May Say About You

What Finger, Length May Say About You: Hey guys today I am sharing some useful information about how your finger lenght tells about your mental health. This study bases on the turkish as they research about them alot. Let’s take a look at the article and enjoy reading.

What Finger, Length May Say About You

Finger Length

Finger Length And Characteristics Of Emotional Health

The Turkish study isn’t the first to investigate the relationship between finger length and mental and emotional health.

Some studies shows that links having a shorter index finger and a longer ring finger in men to mental toughness and athletic ability.

Sixty-seven males took part in the study and had their fingers measured as well as personality and aggression surveys completed.

High prenatal testosterone levels appear to result in increased mental toughness, optimism, and thus aptitude toward sport.

This lends tentative support for hypothesis, that mental toughness is partially biologically determined.

Researchers measure the digit ratio in 600 young adult volunteers in 2012. The findings revealed that those with lower digit ratios experienced more verbal aggression than those with higher ratios.

In addition, men in the study had lower digit ratios and higher verbal aggression than women. Some reasearch on Personality and Individual Differences, a smaller finger length ratio in men was associated with kindness toward women (defined as being more agreeable and less quarrelsome).

Is Finger Length A Good Predictor Of Mental Illness?

So, how much weight much its length give as a potential risk factor for schizophrenia or other mental health issues? According to experts, not too much.

Some believe that has the potential to help researchers understand the complexity of factors that contribute to the progress of schizophrenia.

It is merely one potential factor, among many and provide another evidence for researchers for investigate.

Furthermore, because the schizophrenia study and much of the other research in this area are primarily focus on men.

Little know about the potential link between finger-length ratios and mental health in women.

Oznur also claims that more research need to confirm – or refute – the findings.

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