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Where Is Tan Mom Today?

Where Is Tan Mom Today?
Where Is Tan Mom Today?

Tan Mom, you might recall. At 2021, Patricia Krentcil will be located in the following locations.

During several appearances on Howard Stern’s show, Patricia was able to begin her own music career with the support of the radio host.

Where Is Tan Mom Today?

Where Is Tan Mom Today?

Tan Mom, Patricia Krentcil, initially made news in 2012 when she was accused of taking her kid to a tanning salon for artificial tan. The 45-year-old made the most of her high-profile case, which made her a tabloid phenomenon.

Patricia was able to repair her reputation with Howard Stern, who is reported to have salvaged Tan Mom’s career, despite having several problematic moments, like the time she forgot cameras were there on the red carpet.

Here’s what Patricia Krentcil, nicknamed Tan Mom, is up to now, over a decade after she graced the cover of practically every gossip magazine in the country.

Tan Mom was born! New Jersey authorities detained Patricia Krentcil for reportedly taking her daughter, Anna Krentcil, to a tanning parlour.


Despite her daughter’s reports of first-degree burns, Krentcil swiftly refuted the allegations. Patricia told Fox News, “I was branded ‘Tan Mom’ in the headlines. Developed into the world’s most gigantic storm.”

“It quickly spread over the world. What happened to my family and me has no words to explain it “Continuing, Krentcil said. She suddenly remembered the accusations levelled against her in relation to her daughter.

Patricia went on to explain that the allegations that Anna Krentcil suffered first-degree burns were completely untrue. Since her mother stated that she just had a “little burn on her back.”

During her interview, Patricia brought up the court judgement again, claiming that she had been vindicated because the tanning salon personnel said that Anna Krentcil had not entered the tanning booth.

A grand jury declined to charge Krentcil a year after the incident, giving her custody of her kid.


Patricia informed the newspaper that Tan Mom hasn’t drifted far from her previous habits, as she still tans twice a week.

The 54-year-old stated unequivocally that she felt compelled to turn to alcohol during her time in the spotlight, which included intense public scrutiny and media attention. The public harassment further aggravated Patricia’s situation.

The actress and her family subsequently relocated to Tampa, Florida, in the hopes of a new beginning. Patricia explained, “I became sick from it all.” “I began to drink and humiliate myself.”

Patricia’s career and reputation


Tan Mom has moved into the realm of music, despite remaining, well…tan! Following several appearances on Howard Stern’s radio show, Patricia was able to begin her own music career with the support of the radio host.

Stern paired her up with Adam Barta, a singer who went on to write, produce. Record a series of songs for Krentcil, resulting in a net worth of $150,000.

Patricia’s singing career came to an end in 2019 when she fell ill when her songs were gaining popularity on YouTube. The actor went into cardiac arrest and afterwards developed pneumonia and pancreatitis.

Following her health scare, Patricia made a quick recovery and is now living with her estranged family.

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