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White Tiger Oscar, Ramin Bahrani Breaks Down Turning Point

White Tiger Oscar, Ramin Bahrani Breaks Down Turning Point

White Tiger Oscar, Ramin Bahrani Breaks Down Turning Point: The Oscar-nominated film’s writer/director walks us through a page from the film’s script. May this information helps you.

White Tiger Oscar, Ramin Bahrani Breaks Down Turning Point

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The year 2021 has brought Ramin Bahrani new levels of recognition, even though the filmmaker had been acclaimed for more than a decade.

Man Push Cart from 2005 and Chop Shop from 2007 were inducted into the prestigious Criterion Collection in February (both are now streaming on the Criterion Channel).

He says he’s “pretty excited” about the project, though he admits he was nervous about going back and remixing some of his older films, which he normally doesn’t do. That being said, “I’d be overjoyed if more people saw Chop Shop.”

Milestones Of Career

A career milestone was also reached in March. When he was nominated for his first Oscar for screenplay for The White Tiger. Which he wrote and directed from Aravind Adiga’s Booker Prize-winning novel of 2008.

“A man trapped by societal injustices who want to free. Free for reaching his potential as a human being.

Adarsh Gourav he young man in contemporary India. Plays Balram Halwai, a young man born into servitude but capable of so much more.

He has a revelation about half way through the movie, when he notices his own dirty teeth and bad habits for the first time.

With regard to the scene, Bahrani explains that “Balram is realising he was born into poverty” and “what a difference” that makes between him and his masters.

The director discusses the script page with his own annotations in the video below, which breaks down the moment for EW.


As Balram ponders his past, he looks into two mirrors and sees his own reflection. “Even more interesting” to Bahrani than the mirror was the warped silver tray.

After that, he suggested a mirror by showing his teeth straight into the camera: “So much of the movie takes place in his mind. It’s crucial to this film that the subjective camera is used in ways that I haven’t done before.”


As it turns out, Gourav has the whitest teeth anyone has ever seen, according to Bahrani. “Moreover, [the fake paan stains] were washed away every time he brushed his teeth. Necessitating a reapplication of makeup to replace them.


The audience gets another revelation after Balram has his own. Cut to present day is “such a tonal shift. Who notes for making fire burn.

It is in slow motion for a more impactful moment. The scene shot from a low angle “in order to give Balram a sense of control despite what he’d done.

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