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Who Is Responsible For Liability In A Dog Bite Case?

Who Is Responsible For Liability In A Dog Bite Case?

In most cases, the owner f the dog is responsible for any liability if something is wrong and there is a dog bite case for some reason. However, there are sometimes when the responsibility or authority of the dog is with someone else; in such situations, they can be liable in case the dog bites someone. 

There can be several situations where the dog owner might not be in charge of the dog, or they are not big enough to take responsibility for any mishap. For example, they might be out with the keeper, or the owner might be below 18 years. 

If a dog has bitten you, you must be compensated for all the injuries and expenses involved in treating the injury. You must know the law related to a dog bite case and who is liable if a pet dog bites you. 

If the other party agrees to settle outside court, it’s best for both of you. You can arrange a meeting with your injury lawyer in Roseville and figure out how to negotiate with the at-fault party. Your lawyer will help you figure out fair compensation for all your losses due to the injury and also cover the medical cost of the treatments. 

Who Is Responsible For Liability In A Dog Bite Case?

Dog keepers 

According to the law, the dog’s owner is legally liable for injuries if they know that the dog is dangerous and capable of harming or sudden aggressive behavior. The same rule applies to the keepers or caretakers of the dog, provided they know about the dog’s sudden spurge of anger. 

In many states, the owner must bear complete financial responsibility if their dog bites someone, irrespective of the pet’s history. By owner, it means anyone who has been caring for the dog for a considerable time.

 Temporary caretakers or fosters

If someone agrees to take care of the dog in the owner’s absence for a certain period, that care taken will be considered the dog’s keeper. However, various points are considered before deciding in court. 

For example, if a person agrees to take care of the dog and the dog bite, they may not be able to seek a claim for the injuries. 

Essential steps to take after a dog attack

Dogs can be friendly and our favorite pets. Unfortunately, dog attacks are common too. Since you can file a personal injury claim if you believe the dog attack resulted from the negligence of the dog owner, the steps you follow after the dog attack will also play a vital role. For instance, if you fail to take the needed step, you would not be eligible for compensation. Therefore, below are a few essential steps you should take following the attack. 

  • Get medical assistance right after your accident. Since dog bites can be severe and affect your health, you need to get a medical diagnosis as soon as possible. Additionally, it can be dangerous to your health if the dog’s vaccination is unknown. 
  • Make sure to collect evidence after the dog attack. This could be taking witness testimony from the people who saw the accident, pictures of your injuries, treatment records, doctor’s statement, and more. 
  • Collect information about the dog owner. This could be taking their personal details such as their name, address, and proof of dog vaccination. 

Contact an attorney 

You get two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim against the dog owner. Therefore, you should speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you file a claim and get successful compensation.