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Windows 11 | Everything Need To Know About New OS

Windows 11 | Everything Need To Know About New OS

Windows 11 | Everything Need To Know About New OS: We now how a window on Microsoft’s plans to power personal computers for its popular operating system. The first substantial update to the platform since Windows 10 almost six years ago was released on Thursday by Microsoft.

With a cleaner interface, Windows 11 is mobile, inspired by changes to how PCs have been used in a COVID-19 pandemic that forces many American people to work remotely.

What’s strong was the shift from the PC we saw and felt – from something practical and functional to something emotional and personal. It is what inspires us when we built the next Windows generation. To create a familiar place where we can make, learn, play, and connect in all-new ways.

Windows 11 | Everything Need To Know About New OS

Microsoft Windows 11

Changes in Windows 11

The changes in Windows 11 match the need to create products that users love, not tolerate. Finally, Windows 11 will have to spend time with users before establishing their true purpose and identity. Still, it will also stand out with an improved user interface and numerous thoughtful features, especially as its release coincides with a new hybrid world of work.

Windows 11 is available to upgrade this vacation free of charge and continues to run until 2022.

How Compatible are The Devices?

Microsoft will be able to run Windows 11 on 10 PCs and new PCs. The company has a PC Health Check app to see if your PC is qualified to do so. In addition, it works with retail partners to ensure that the upgrade is now running for Windows 10 PCs available for purchase.

What are the Main Characteristics of Windows 11?

Windows Android apps, By partnering with Amazon’s App Store, Microsoft will support some Android apps, as highlighted by the company’s quick promotion of TikTok. However, this comes with a significant warning. No robust selection is available in Amazon’s App Store.

Working with the electronic commerce giant, which was consistent with Microsoft’s plans, has also opened the door to other markets to participate.

Apps For Quick Layouts

With the introduction of Snap layouts tailored to the size of your screen, Microsoft has made great emphasis on multitasking. To maximize efficiency, users can disperse layouts in several configurations, such as side by side or even four. In addition, windows can be redesigned by pushing the fingers or spreading them over a window. Snap configurations can also be set to group apps, for example, “work.” by subject matter.

Easier to Dock

There is nothing more fun than to dock or undo a computer and watch apps disappear on a different display. However, Microsoft says you don’t have to reconfigure apps anymore whenever you dock or undock Windows 11.

Multiple options for typing. Physical keyboards and on-screen keyboards are naturally available, but users can add a smartphone keyboard in the corner of the screen with a Microsoft Surface demonstration. You can also type voice if you want to say the keyboard.


In Windows 11, users will enter widgets where weather, news, and further details collect. In addition, a whole window opens for reviewing all your devices or slide on one side of the screen.

The Microsoft Store’s new look, In addition to adding Android apps, the experience of Microsoft Store is cleaner and will deliver higher performance.

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