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Winston Smith | Winston Smith Family Asks For Accountability

Winston Smith | Winston Smith Family Asks For Accountability

Winston Smith | Winston Smith Family Asks For Accountability: After Thursday’s deadly shooting, the family of the slain man repeatedly asked for transparency from the local authorities. He was identified by his family and friends as the 32 years old father of 3, Winston Smith, Jr. Tieshia Floyd, Tieshia’s sister, blasted Smith’s reputation by saying any past mistakes he made could not justify his death. He was generous, as well. “He wasn’t flawless. We’re all no. They took that away from him”. She said, “I just don’t want my brother to judge the world. “My name will be spared until justice is done.”

Winston Smith | Winston Smith Family Asks For Accountability



The speakers requested to bring forward anybody with cellular images of the shooting. The footage of the incident not release. Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) said there are no squad camera clips showing the shooting, and the Marshals Service does not allow officers to wear body cameras. Minneapolis branch president Johnathon McClellan said police are unlikely to want to release footage of the event because it may show their actions were justified. To have accountability and transparency, McClellan explained at the press conference.

We also question task forces producing cowboy policemen that circumvent best practices, lack appropriate monitoring, and show patterns and practices that terrorize, instead of protecting and serving the communities. The U.S. Marshals Service confirmed that their task force was attempting to apprehend the suspect on an outstanding warrant for illegal firearm possession. Taskforce members shot the man when he refused to obey their commands and produced a handgun, according to the statement.

About Victim

The sentence reduces from two years to one if Smith didn’t commit another crime during that time.

Smith’s felony conviction barre him from possessing a firearm. He charges with illegal firearm possession in 2019. According to former girlfriend Shelly Hopkins, Smith had post-traumatic stress disorder caused by his interaction with the police. She told him he did not deserve to be killed. “The two main things that he looked after in the world were to make his kids happy and please.”

The beloved of Smith remembered him as a comedian who wrote social media comedy sets and as a father who had no chance of missing a birthday party or spending time with his children.


However, for the second night of the demonstrations on Friday night, protesters called for transparency. When the night fell, police lines stood in the streets in the vicinity of dumping fires. Rep. John Thompson said he tired of the police killing of Blackman in his state. Is he calling for police reform and resource reinvestment? “Another Black man will be killed in Minnesota this year, except for our legislators to pass a significant police law in Minnesota.” He stated that he is aware of the situation. He stated that he is aware of the situation.

“When George Floyd murdered, we can do something,” said Thompson. Maybe we did something that Daunte Wright killed.¬† How many people have to die before? As we say that we have a police problem not just in this state. As well as in the whole of the USA?”

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