Home Health Women Need More Sleep | Why They Need More Sleep Than Men

Women Need More Sleep | Why They Need More Sleep Than Men

Women Need More Sleep

Women Need More Sleep | Why They Need More Sleep Than Men: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information why about woman need more sleep than men. May this information helps you.

Women Need More Sleep | Why They Need More Sleep Than Men

Women Need More Sleep

Introduction | Women Need More Sleep

Women may require more sleep than men for a variety of reasons. Insomnia affects women four times as much as it affects men.

Sleep disorders such as anxiety and depression, both of which are closely linked to insomnia, affect women more than men.

Insomniacs have trouble falling or staying asleep on a regular basis, and they’re generally groggy during the daytime hours afterward.

A woman’s greater need for sleep than a man is due in part to hormonal differences between genders. Hormones control our sleep-wake cycles.

These hormones have an impact on everything from how tired we feel to how alert we are to how hungry we are. Because of the monthly and lifelong hormonal changes that women go through, they have a greater need for sleep and have altered circadian rhythms.

Where Woman Need More Sleep?


Cramping, headaches, and bloating keep one-third of women awake during menstruation. Daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and exhaustion are all more common occurrences for them.


Woman who is pregnant are more likely to experience restless legs syndrome, which makes it difficult to fall asleep. Depressive disorders, sleep disorders, pain, and incontinence are all more common in people who are overweight or obese.

These conditions all interfere with their ability to get a good night’s rest. As their hormone levels drop and they begin caring for a newborn with an irregular sleep cycle.

These sleep issues can persist into the postpartum9 period, leading to even more daytime sleepiness.


Up to 85% of women have hot flashes during mesopause. Women wake up in a cold sweat when these attacks happen in the middle of the night. During menopause, women have an increase risk of developing sleep apnea.

Even if the sufferer doesn’t wake up because of the breathing pauses caused by this sleep disorder, the quality of their sleep will be compromised.

So, women who have sleep apnea may wake up feeling groggy, and they may also be tired and groggy throughout the day.

Women tend to sleep better than men, according to numerous studies. In other words, it’s possible they need more sleep, but it’s also possible they’re just more tired on the whole.

More research has shown than men that women spend more time sleeping deeply. However, during menopause, women’s sleep patterns change, and they wake up less rested than men.

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