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Yuna Final Fantasy, Information About Its Main Characters

Yuna Final Fantasy, Information About Its Main Characters

Yuna Final Fantasy, Information About Its Main Characters: The most egregious flaw in Final Fantasy X, however, was the omission of Yuna as the game’s primary protagonist.

Yuna Final Fantasy, Information About Its Main Characters

Yuna Final Fantasy

She Is The Only One Who Possesses The Superhuman Ability

Blitzball is the only sport in which Tidus excels, and even then, it’s more about the skill of the player than anything else. When it comes to summoning monsters of unimaginable power, Yuna is an expert.

Later on, she becomes a popular idol, gunner. As well as whatever else the player of X-2 requires of her. As she travels around the world working for hire as a hired assassin.

Even without the support of her Aeons, she is capable of anything. For his part, Tidus is completely unable.

In Her Heart, She Truly Wants To Save The World | Yuna Final Fantasy

Even if she can be a little heartless at times. Yuna spends the entire game worrying about saving the world. As well as saving the people she cares about.

As a human being, she tries to see the best in others and is willing to make sacrifices for their benefit.

After the events of the game. She loses her summoning abilities, sacrifices a guy she fell in love with.

Also must reorganise her life. That would have been a real gut punch if she hadn’t managed to take out the big bad in the process.

Helping Her Occupies A Significant Portion Of The Storey

Yuna has to assume command at many points in the game, and the rest of the party is there to support her.

For the sake of her father’s soul, she is attempting to avenge his death during his own pilgrimage.

She is attempting to uncover the secrets of Tidus’s past and his hometown. As well as she is on this grand quest to save the world.

Tidus, who is supposed to be the protagonist. Tends to take a backseat to Yuna when things get serious. Preferring to protect her rather than advance the storey.

When You Don’t See Things From Tidus’ Point Of View, It’s Hard To Care About Her

There’s nothing particularly endearing about Tidus. Despite the fact that Yuna’s relationship with him feels forced. His stats aren’t the best.

And he doesn’t seem for caring about anything other than getting home, his family, and his interests.

Yuna, on the other hand, was completely smitten with this guy. And it’s hard to understand why until you put yourself in her shoes.

He’s the first guy to really treat her as a human being and not a special object to be placed on a pedestal. Even though he doesn’t care about anything else, he cares about her.

He is devoted to her and would give his life to protect her. To better understand the game, imagine it from her point of view.

Compared To The Rest Of The Guests, She Has Stronger Ties

Yuna isn’t the most lovable character in the series, but she’s far from the worst. Even in the beginning.

She seems a little difficult to deal with. In spite of this, she maintains close ties with all of her party members.

Even in X-2, when she reunites with most of them. They’re genuinely excited at the prospect of helping her and genuinely believe that all they have to do is ask her for assistance.

In fact, Rikku is one of the main characters there, and she’s taken on a role that’s even more amusing than she had before.

As A Result, She Has A More Nuanced Perspective On The World

Being made the scapegoat is a common complaint among protagonists. It’s all for sake of having a reason to spout information to the player. And making sure everyone is on same page at the same time.

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