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Zuko | Who Did Zuko Marries & About Mai Suki

Zuko | Who Did Zuko Marries & About Mai Suki

Zuko | Who Did Zuko Marries & About Mai Suki: This article is all about Zuko will marry to whom. May this information will blow up your mind.

Zuko | Who Did Zuko Marries & About Mai Suki

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Avatar- Who Is Zuko’s Wife

There is a time-space, The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, between the two Avatars.

It means that many side characters and minor franchise questions were left unanswered.

In the sequel comics of Avatar, most of these elements were addressed. Nevertheless, one part remains a mystery.

Korra legend confirms that his ultimately had kids and leads to his daughter Izumi’s birth. He has two children of his own, in turn.

But in general, her mother never confirmed, which led to the possibility. Let’s look back on all of Zuko’s past love interests because it’s not who anyone expects. Try to find out if there’s an opportunity for them to end with him.

Jin & Katara

Among the most well-known potential relations were Katara and Zuko. The Last Airbender with the fans of the original Avatar. Both begin with Zuko as ferocious enemies.

They are often attacking her and, at a particular time, trying to tempt the Avatar, even holding her size.

Both of them have found a moment of togetherness. At the end of the second season, capture simultaneously.

It was lost when he decided to join Azula in the last battle of the season. Azula was the last Avatar team to have confidence in him.

Then he joins them, but she came around at the end of the day. Wishes for some fans; the relationship has never been fulfilled.

In the capacity “Ember Island Players,” it was even a concept. Korra legend confirms that Katara, not Zuko, ends up with Aang.


It is a romantic interest of Zuko and one of the only friends of Azula. On her hunt for Zuko and Iroh, May accompanies Azula.

It ultimately contributes to the fall of the Earth’s realm. If he gets credit for the defeat of Aang, he can have a whole relationship with the restored prince.

The association is one of the only things in his life that Zuko values. He leaves her to join Aang once Zuko returns to the Fire Nation.

Before his battle with Ozai, she taught him how to Firebrand. May had been angry with Zuko, though. Mai refuses to allow him to be murdered by Azula and lands her.

Ty Lee protects Mai from Azula’s extreme wrath; in Ozai and Azula’s defeat, Mai was released. The series concludes, and Fire Lord Zuko is newly crowned and begins its relationship.

Their relationship began with the following comics, but they quickly encountered severe problems.

When Mai discovered that Zuko met his father without saying anything, she was angry and finished the relationship. May even tries to go further with Kei Lo, another boy.

But he is working for her dad as a member of the New Ozai terrorist company.

She emphasises the relationship seriously. Both of them could work briefly. Mainly as Kei Lo turned on her dad, he became a dialect for her actions for Mai.

She even defended Zuko, but the couple broke their relationship at the end of Smoke and Shadow. May also conjectured that there are still complex feelings for him.

They don’t have to get along in the sequel comics at the same time.

There’s a good chance they’re beginning to leave. Both had a family. But another surprising person ends up with Zuko.


She is one and is often recognised as its leader by Kyoshi Warriors. Suzi became an Aang and Team Avatar dedicated group. She even forms a romantic connection with Sokka.

She and his men attacked her home on Kyoshi Island as an enemy to Zuko. Mai learns to trust the Firebender like the rest of Team Avatar.

After a defeat at the hands of Azula, after helping her to save her from the Boiling Rock prison.

Suzi was a well-known Avatar team member by the end of the series. The leader of Kyoshi liberated combatants.

The following comics saw her grow closer to Zuko as it is in The Promise; Mai arranged to make the Kyoshi Warriors the guardian of Zuko.

When he was nearly killed a year after The Last Airbender’s events, she was concerned about him, particularly when she disclosed to May accidentally.

He kept a secret of his discussions with Ozai. Unbelievably culpable, Suki is beginning to support Zuko with emotion.

At the same time, she still supports Zuko in “Smoke and Shadow” to get back together with Mai and talk to Zuko.

Suzi’s relationship with Sokka with Zuko’s succession of comics continues. It suggests that the pair may conflict more than anybody would expect.

It’ll be an inattentive shift, but it can easily lead to action, but Izumi determines.

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