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Angelica Pickles, Everthing You Should Know About

Angelica Pickles, Everthing You Should Know About

Angelica Pickles, Everthing You Should Know About: Angelica Charlotte Pickles is the series’ main antagonist and secondary tritagonist. While this is true, she plays more of an antihero in the films, frequently siding with the babies against the films’ respective main villains at the end.

She is one of the original characters in Rugrats (the original and revival) and All Grown Up! and is voiced by Cheryl Chase.

She is Tommy and Dil Pickles’ cousin and a spoiled brat. Angelica Pickles was ranked seventh on TV Guide’s list of the Top 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time in 2002. She is Tommy Pickles’ and the other Rugrats’ arch-enemy.

Her middle name is ‘Charlotte,’ which means she was named after her mother. She considers herself to be “the prettiest, most beautiful kid in the universe.

” Angelica carries her favourite doll Cynthia (a parody of the popular Barbie franchise) almost everywhere she goes, and her room is filled with Cynthia merchandise.

Angelica Pickles, Everthing You Should Know About

angelica pickles


She’s a whirlwind. She’s a tyrant. She is a jerk. She is three years old. Angelica, Tommy’s cousin, is a Rugrats alumna who can converse with both adults and children.

She manipulates her parents, flaunts herself in front of strangers, and when she comes to play, the Rugrats flee for cover. “You stupid babies!” she yells as she intimidates them into following her rules. “You don’t know anything!” she screamas she terrorises them with “true” stories made up in her head.

Worse, she makes them sit still for her off-key, lyrically distorted musical numbers. The heart of a true spoiled brat beats beneath her cold, hard exterior.

But, no matter how devilish her schemes are, Angelica always seems to get the short end of the stick. – Rugrats is an abbreviation for Rugrats. Klasky Csupo’s description.


Angelica Pickles is the brattish daughter of Drew and Charlotte Pickles, as well as Tommy and Dil Pickles’ mean, rude, and ridiculously spoiled older cousin. Angelica is frequently seen bullying and mocking her cousins and their friends.

Because she is older than the babies, who can only communicate with each other and Angelica, Angelica can communicate with the adults as well as the other Rugrats, which she uses most of the time to her advantage.

When the character Susie Carmichael introduce, she quickly became popular among the babies, prompting Angelica to form a rivalry with her.

She says and/or do anything to get what she wants; however, Angelica’s brattish behaviour frequently gets the best of her, resulting in adults (usually her parents and/or Aunt Didi and Uncle Stu) punishing her.

Despite this, Angelica is a master manipulator, frequently appearing sweet and innocent in front of adults only to reveal her true colours when their backs are turned and she is not being watched.

When she is caught, she likes to justify her actions by claiming that no one expects her to be an angel. Indeed, much of her behaviour resembles that of her mother, who is frequently abrasive and demanding of her peers.

Her Favourite Food

Angelica’s favourite food (like Cookie Monster’s) is cookies, and she refuses to eat most “healthy” foods (especially broccoli). Even though Angelica is frequently cruel to the babies, she likes them and adores her cousins.

Angelica constantly refers to the babies as “just babies” and herself as an adult, despite the fact that she only a year older than Chuckie and Kimi, two years older than Tommy and the twins, and three years older than Dil—in fact, Dil is the only Rugrat who is technically “just a baby,” as all the others are technically toddlers like Angelica and Susie.

Looks | Angelica Pickles


Angelica is dressed in a knee-length purple sleeveless dress, an orange-red long-sleeved blouse with flare cuffs, blue and green polka-dott tights, orange socks, and purple and white sneakers. During season one, she wore a diaper over her tights.

She wore frilly panties from season 2 onwards (since she is now potty trained.). She has blonde hair that she always wear in two pigtails tied with purple ribbons.


Angelica wears a long-sleeve lavender shirt, a magenta and purple skirt, and violet shoes in season one. She is also dressed in a bright red sleeveless turtleneck sweater, a purple skirt ties with a light cyan belt, dark purple slides, and a red heart-shaped barrette clipped on the right side of her hair.

Angelica appears in “Interview With a Campfire” wearing a bright blue shirt, red pants, and brown sneakers.

She frequently wears a bright orange shirt, green/blue shorts, and violet sandals in seasons 2-5. She occasionally wears her signature colours.

Her hair is wavy and she wears with a side swept bang that is clipped with a silver square barrette. Angelica eyeshadows turned blue. Her earrings are bright red.

Throughout the series, she also wears her hair in a variety of natural styles.


Angelica has appeared in a large number of episodes of both Rugrats and All Grown Up!. “Tommy’s First Birthday” was her first appearance.

Relationships | Angelica Pickles

Tommy Pickles 

Despite the fact that Tommy’s cousin Angelica is cruel, a bully (at times), and bossy, Tommy is never afraid to confront her. Because of their fighting and Angelica’s anger issues, you could say Tommy and Angelica are enemies, but in the final scene of the future before it turns back into Rugrats in “All Grows Up,”

Angelica and Tommy drops the enemies part and become friends until she’s back to her bratty spoiled younger self. They don’t always agree, but they will go to any length for helping each other.

Dil Pickles

Although Angelica stills mean and frequently makes fun of Dil, they still care about each other and are close to each other than they are to the majority of the other members of the group. In AGU, the two don’t interact as much!

Because of the lack of frequent interaction, their most well-known interaction in this series is when she yell at him, “GET OUT OF THE WAY FREAK, OR I’LL MOVE YOU OUT OF THE WAY!” but they still talks and get along (mostly).

Dil was the person Angelica went to for advice when she was in a bad situation, and he deliver in the episode “It’s Karma, Dude!”

Chuckie Finster 

Despite her constant teasing of Chuckie and the others, Chuckie and Angelica can be good friends. Chuckie is the closest in age to her (besides Susie and Harold).

Angelica tries to help him when he liked one of her friends (Samantha Shane), and she also helped him become popular, but when everyone began to prefer the new fake Chuckie over her, he feels bad and gave it all up for her.

Angelica is where the gang went to teach Chuckie to lie so he doesn’t ruin Tommy’s surprise party.

Susie Carmichael 

Susie is Angelica is closest friend, they are always competing with each other. She always one-ups Angelica and sometimes bets on her failures, and once makin fun of her acts behind her back to the rest of the gang in truth and consequences.

On the other hand she believes it’s because she’s jealous. Susie succumbs to peer pressure and forces to prove how ‘bad’ she was in “Susie Goes Bad Lite.”

Angelica climb up a telephone company building to talk some sense into Susie so she wouldn’t get hurt, but Susie wouldn’t listen and they fell, and if Lil and Kimi hadn’t run after a police patrol car, Angelica and Susie will seriously injur or possibly dies.

Harold Frumpkin 

 Angelica and Harold both are good friends, which she only realised after he left (because he was playing hard to get). Harold has been in love with Angelica since they met.

He follows her around and hangs out with her as if he were her slave. He will go to any length for her, and she will go to any length for him.

Kimi Finster 

Kimi and Angelica aren’t particularly close but remain friends. They all go to the mall, along with Lil and Susie. They both like The Sulky Boys and Emica.

Lil DeVille 

In the original series, Lil and Angelica were never particularly close because Angelica was constantly taunt and tease her and the other babies, but in AGU! Angelica and Lil are getting closer, and they saw shopping together (along with Susie and Kimi).

The two are also fans of The Sulky Boys, Emica, boys, and clothes, among other things. It reveal in one episode of the original series that Lil looks up to Angelica because she is brave and tough, among other things.

Phil DeVille is an actor. Angelica and Phil are the best of friends, and they are frequently seen making jokes at each other’s expense. Phil is the only one of the kids who almost always responds to her.

Regardless, the two are close, whether they like it or not.

Trivia | Angelica Pickles

Arlene Klasky, Rugrats co-creator, did not approve of Angelica’s cruelty in the early seasons and frequently disagreed with the writers about it.

When new episodes were released in 1996, Klasky had a more positive reaction to the somewhat soften Angelica, despite the fact that she still plays the series’ antagonist.

Angelica is the only Rugrat who has remained an only child throughout the series.

Angelica expresses a desire for a sibling only once, in “The Stork,” and the only time she’s genuinely sad by the fact that she’s an only once, in “Sister Act.” Angelica usually expresses her gratitude for being an only child every other time.

Chuckie, on the other hand, has remained an only child, having only biological brothers and sisters. Kimi, on other hand, has a half-sister who appears in the All Grown Up! episode “Trading Places.”

In All Grown Up!, Angelica is one of three main Rugrats characters who has the camera positioned inside her mouth. Dil and Spike are the other two.

She despises coconuts, baked apples, broccoli (at three years old), flan, and spinach.

Angelica’s brown eyes are depict in life-size doll versions. However, she was reveal to have blue eyes in the newspaper comic strip.

Angelica has appear in All Grown Up! as a 4-5, 6, and 9-year-old.

In All Grown Up!, Angelica has become less cruel to the children. This could attribute to the fact that as the babies grew older, they able to inform their parents that Angelica was being cruel.

Angelica mention by Tommy near the end of “Golden Boy” (All Grown Up! ), despite the fact that she not sees in the episode (due to write out Chuck Cunningham-style in “Petition This!”).

She and Susie are the only two main characters who last appear in 2007.

Angelica, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Tommy refer to the babies younger than Angelica as “babies/toddlers/big babies/dumb babies,” and Dil refers to as a “baby baby” because he cannot talks yet.

Angelica tells stories for scaring the babies, claiming that each storey she tells is false rather than true.

She wants a teacher when she grew up, but after Miss Weemer told her that it would be difficult, Angelica changes her mind and says she wants to a singer or a movie star instead.

Her singing is off-key and/or loud at times throughout the original series, but there are a few exceptions. When she was a Rugrat, she sang professionally in “Toyland,” “Bad Girls,” and her version of “Vacation.”

Angelica’s singing improved in “All Growed Up” and All Grown Up!, but she’s better at singing in a group than as a soloist.

When she was a Rugrat, she could sing very high notes despite her singing being off-key and/or loud at times. The topest note she ever hit as a Rugrat is around an F#6, which she sings as her final singing note in “All Growed Up” when she is singing her own version of National Anthem, also known as the Star Spangled Banner.

Savannah throwing a Spring Fling party on the same day as Angelica’s birthday bash in the All Grown Up! episode “Lucky 13,” implying that Angelica was born in the spring.

Angelica’s birthday was supposed to be on a Saturday.

She secretly envies the babies and Susie.

Angelica is lonely because her parents do not spend enough time with her.

Angelica has feelings for Tommy and Dil.

She is the only Rugrat who address by her given name rather than a nickname.

In the “Sing and Swing Angelica” doll, she is voiced by E.G. Daily.

Angelica appears in her own video game, All Grown Up! : Express Yourself. She is also the centre of attention in the games. Angelica, Angelica, Angelica.

She has strong feelings for Harold, as revealed in the episode “Ladies’ Man (Ladies’ Boy).”

Angelica admits to Susie in the episode “Susie Goes Bad Lite” that she cares what Brianna thought of her and even says that what she does for getting her attention is “pathetic.”

She frequently refers to Tommy and the rest of the gang by their surnames.

Angelica is portrays throughout All Grown Up! as a tenacious woman who defies all odds.

Angelica’s relationship with Tommy as a child is identical to Lou and Miriam’s as children.

Angelica inspires to add contrast to the personalities of the babies.

Angelica has few friends because of her mean and bossy personality. Susie, Cynthia, Fluffy, and Harold are the closest friends she has.

Even though Drew and Charlotte adore Angelica and lavish her with gifts, they don’t pay much attention to her and are generally too preoccupied with work to spend any actual “quality time” with her (more so in Charlotte’s case than in Drew’s).

When Chuckie shows Chas a picture of his mother in “Mother’s Day,” the entire room falls silent. Even Angelica remains silent, implying that she knew Melinda before she died.

Angelica appear in “No More Cookies” as a newborn, a one-year-old, and a two-year-old. She is one of only two Rugrats saw as a full-term newborn, the other Dil in The Rugrats Movie.

She is also one of only two Rugrats saw as a newborn, the other two being Tommy as a premature newborn in one of the “Mother’s Day” flashbacks and Dil in The Rugrats Movie.

The look in the revival is essentially the same as the original, with the only difference being that the skin tone is slightly darker than it was in the original.

Angelica’s voice actress Cheryl Chase describes the character as the “proverbial bad girl of Nickelodeon” in a special about the revival series, adding that it’s always fun and liberating to play the villain.

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