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Basic Makeup Instruction For Beginners Step By Step

Basic Makeup

Basic Makeup Instruction For Beginners Step By Step:   Our favorite products help create our love of beauty, enhance our favorites and embody our beauty definitions.

The strength of maquillage is unquestionable. The best maquillage routines help the modern woman increase her confidence and face the world, regardless of the day.

As far as makeup is concerned, the skilled application can change everything.

The correct approach can do two things by applying your favorite products. It help you achieve the beauty you want and help you get the most from your makeup. 

Want a natural machine that keeps your skin radiant throughout the day?

Learn how to use these essential beauty tips to make your makeup.

These tips and tricks help create a perfect look that you can be proud of, from applying a liquid foundation to using a gel eyeliner.

Basic Makeup Instruction For Beginners Step By Step

Basic Makeup


Take the time to make your skin with a high-quality moisturizer before you start to apply your maquillage. A crucial piece of the puzzle is the choice of the correct type of moisturizer.

Take a look, from lightest to heaviest, at the various styles you can use:

Face Neck

These are solutions based on water containing specific vitamins and fragrances that stimulate the skin.

Facial mist is not designed to bring your skin back to humidity, but it is a valuable tool to keep your face dewy throughout the day. Splash all day long as your skin is dry.


This is an easily absorbed, lightweight solution for the skin. A wide range is available for specific problem areas. There are serums.

Some serum hydrates the skin to prevent wrinkles, whereas others contain ingredients that can brighten your skin.


They are the most common type of hydrating agent, which can benefit many skin types. Suitable for lotions labeled “non-comedogens;” these products are designed to prevent pores from being obstructed.


It must be time to invest in a cream moisturizer if your dry skin needs extra help. It is a thicker, heavier way of moisturizing too dry teeth.

You can use day creams as the basis for your makeup; however, night creams can provide a dose of additional humidity to your skin while sleeping.

Apply and greet you in the morning with soft, soft skin before hitting the pillow.


Consider oils if you need further hydration. Oils are use people with dry, sensitive, or normal skin, some oils can be a great option.

But avoid moisturizing products if you are acne-prone or have difficulty with oily skin.

Half the fight is learning how to use the humidifier properly. Give your fingers a small fee—dollops should be about a quarter in size.

Begin by stretching your spring moisturizer across the forefront; start from the center of your face and move out. Then, start with your nose and spread the moisturizer over the cheeks.

Ensure that your pores are rubbed evenly in the moisturizer across your skin. Once the moisturizer is sufficient, rub it in circles gently, then dry for a few minutes before moving to the next step.


As your skin is well hydrated, prepare your face for it with the base. Whether you plan to apply a light foundation coat or a complete makeup surface, the first step is essential.

You will make your look longer with the use of primers under your makeup.

What’s the primer, then, exactly? Think of Primer as a foundation or face structure to help it go smoother and more extended.

They are silky greasy creams that fill your face with lines and pores, smooth out uneven texture and create the perfect makeup canvas.

To apply your primer, squeeze your fingertips or brush, or sponge into your favorite makeup. A bit’s going to go a long way.

Begin with a small amount of first in the center of your face and work slowly into the cheeks, forehead, and chin.

You should find a unique product for this area of the face if you want to apply the first product to the sensitive skin around your eyelids (and keep your smoky eye look professionally applied all day).

Our eyelids can collect fat all day long and make the eye “grow” look. If the eyelashes are oily and the eyeshot or Eyeliner are applied without a primary, the application can be patchy and uneven.


In the foundation, it is priority number one to find the perfect shade for your skin. There is no difference between the right shade of the foundation.

So how are you picking, how are you? Test your jawline with foundation colors. After the application, you have found your true match if the foundation disappears without mixture.

It could take some trial and error, but it is essential to take the time to choose the right shade.

Consider the tools you will use when you have selected a product. Some women prefer to use fingers, and others prefer to use beauty instruments such as brushes and beauty blender.

If you looking for a light coverage look, your fingers may be the right app, but never touch face without washing your hands thoroughly, and you don’t want your makeup handprints all over the house.

You’re sure to wash them after application. Choose an applicator brush or a beauty blender to make a complete look.

Start your face from the center and blend the liquid base. Be sure to buff it in as you swallow your foundation across the skin.

Some women like to dab a damp sponge on their base to help them get into those lines and pliers to make their texture smoother and evener.

Some types of maquillage brushes are also great for buffing the skin.


There are two major concealer categories:

  • liquid
  • compact/stick

The liquid hide is the best one to cover a large area of your face when you need light. The liquid concealer also works well for those who want a light finish, particularly in eyes and mouth, with wrinkles.

Stick and compact hideouts are ideal for covering smaller, specific areas of the face with more heavyweight.

Select Your Concealer’s Color

Two shades of concealer are wise to invest in. It would be best if it very similar to your skin tone and may cover dark spots, bumps, and other facial defects.

The other mu lighter than your skin and can be used to highlight specific areas of your face or to make your look clearer.

Some women prefer to use concealers before the cash base. The sequence of these two steps is a matter of preference, test, and mistake.

Try both and find out is the best way to create a smooth, radiant skin finish. However, always apply concealer first when using the powder base alone.

Where To Use A Concealer?

A light concealer underneath the eyes with a damp sponge or brush decreases the appearance of dark under-eye circles and creates a bright, glistening look.

If you use a concealer to minimize the appearance of defects, apply to problem areas directly.

  • Place minor points into the following areas to highlight your face with a liquid or cream concealer:
  • Cross the center of your forehead horizontally
  • Down your nose center
  • In your sight
  • With a curved arch just below the bottom of your chin.
  • Mix it softly into the surrounding skin and cover it with a base or powder.

Foundation Powder

Applying base powder can be a complex process; too little and you can have taken too much of the step and sport the dreaded “cake look.

You have probably heard many tricks from the trade concerning powder foundations in your quest for perfect teeth. Keep in mind these tips to get these perfect teeth.

Start by dusting a light powder coat all over your face with a large, fluffy powder brush. Press the powder on the bristles and sweep over the skin in long, arching strokes.

You could want to use a bit more powder if there are certain areas of your skin that need more coverage (which are generally found in red and oily portions of your face in the middle).

Place your pin in the powder and then press it firmly into the skin, making it easier to transform the powder into smooth pores and lines.


Bronzer can make your skin glow throughout the year, sun-kissed. Use a special bronzer brush to pull a gold brass across the face; bronzer brushes are made of bristles and tightened up so that each swipe is the best of your colorful Bronzer.

How To Select Bronzer’s Right Shade

The choice of wrong shading is one of the most common bronzer blunderers. Use that one is two shades darker than your skin at the most if you are not used to working with Bronzer.

Where Bronzer Is Applied

When the right shade is present, apply the Bronzer on both sides of the face in the shape of a number “3.” Start your front, pull your Bronzer along the cheeks, and then pull it across the jawline and reach your chin down.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to mix your neck with it. On the contrary, repeat.


For centuries, Blush cheeks flushed were a cornerstone of makeup glamour. If want to give your tenant a little more color and vibrancy, Blush may be the key.

You should use a dense brush with lots of bristles to apply your Blush so that get the most out of every Blush.

Where To Use Blush

For blush applications, there’s no one-size answer. Use the blush color to help you decide where it will be applied.

Pink Blush

Only use it for the apples of your cheeks when using pink Blush. Pink Blush is designed to imitate the natural flush that creates your body, during which your cheeks contain blood.

Put on your best smile to find the apples of your cheeks. The “apple” means the front of the cheek that gets harder when you grin.

Plum blush

Medium to dark skin shades can use plum blushes, just as those with fair complexions use light pink blowers.

Pelagoon blush
  1. Use these shades to carve your face and add only a tiny hint of color instead of using rose blush on the apples of the cheeks.
  2. Turn your face to one side (as if you were pursing your lips and directing them to the opposite side of the beginning).
  3. Sweep the peach blush through your chicken bones, beginning with your ears and finishing with the apples.


The right highlighter gives every makeup look a little glamour and glistening. Whether want a more natural look or something daring and beautiful, your makeup application can be supplemented by a highlighter.

Most importantly, fluids, cream, and powders come in a range of shapes.

You can select a single combination or find your favorite two or three variables. The application process remains the same, regardless of what you choose.

Where To Use The Highlight

You will then map the areas on the face you would like to highlight after you have created an impeccable canvas with a new routine.

Apply first in the following areas with a liquid highlight:

  • Down the nose bridge
  • Through the tops of your balls
  • In your eyes’ inner corners
  • In your brow
  • The edge above your high lip (which is also known as the greedy bow)
  • The middle of your brow
  • Your chin’s center

When your liquid highlight application is satisfied, combine it with your fingertips or a sponge.

To maximize the effect of your emphasis on the areas you want to emphasize, layer in cream or powder highlighter.


Eyeshadow can make your makeup look more attractive, whether you choose neutral shades or go bold in colorful colors. Whatever the look, take two eyeshots: one shade lighter and one shade darker.

Then tap on the brush to get rid of any excess product. Tap the brush. Place the lighter shadow across the entire lid from the clog to the end just above the eyelid.

Now tap the darker color of your brush, and tap the excess. Put the color just above your lash line in the outside corner of your eye. Sweep your eyelid plume with the darker color right below your brow.

Stop using your eyelid in the center because your inner corners don’t want to be darkened. Take a brush with clean shadows and mix the two shades. To reapply the darker shadow if you’d like a more intense looking.


It can be very tough to apply Eyeliner — one slight error and “raccoon” eyes are stuck. Bann your maquillages with these essential eyeliner tips.

Eyeliner Type

Liquid Eyeliner

It is your new best friend if you are looking for precision. Liquid liner can be found in the form of a fine dipping brush. Liquid liner can also be found in a pen-type marker.

How to apply: Start thinly at the inner corner of your eye by using liquid Eyeliner and thicken your application to the outside corner.

In the center of your eye or inside, you may start lining and keep the tip or brush close possible to the clog. Create small sticks along a lashing line, use small sticks in your liner, then connect them to fill the gaps.

Don’t worry when your hand slips! Apply the Q-tip with a small eye maker and clean the area.

Gel eyeliner

typically, this type of Eyeliner is in a small pot with a thin brush. Gel eyeliner is excellent for making a cat-eye look.

Dip a flat corner brush into the gel eyeliner pot. How to apply. Swirl the meeting to ensure that the products on both sides are produced and begin working out in the middle of the lashline.

Then draw a line from the inner eye to the center that connects the two lines.

Pencil eyeliner

Typically, this is the best Eyeliner for beginners. Sharp pencil eyeliner is easy to use and ideal for building a smoky eye on your waterway.

Every time you use your pencil, sharpen. Draw minor light points from the outside of your upper eyelid when you pull your eyelid tight.

Work your way into a thin dotted line as close as possible to the lift line in your inner corner of the eye. Connect the dots to your stylus or use the shadow brush to mix them.


Mascara must be at the top of your list if you only use one makeup product. In one step, a couple of mascara swipes can lighten your eyes.

Mascara can be found in a variety of colors, but the most popular are black and brown. Begin by curling your eyelashes with a curler eyelash.

  • Curling your eyewear
  • Place the curler at the base of the upper lace so that the sensitive skin around the eyelid is avoided.
  • Closing the curler slowly.
  • Maintain it for a few seconds
  • Release carefully

Take your mascara tube after your eyelashes are curled. Swirl around the wand so that all the bristles are mascara-coated.

Pro Tip: Do not pump the wall in the box because air can enter and cause your mascara to clump.

Brush the mascara over the roots of your cloves lightly. It creates more volume and can be pulled up to the ends of the pins.

Take a clean wand and brush it if your cleaves clump together. For more books, apply a second coat.

Lip Gloss

Prepare your lips before using gloss. It should use a gentle lip scrub to remove any dead skin if your lips are squeezed and cracked.

Next, use a moisturizer or lip conditioner to make the lips softer. Blot any excess after your lip balm is absorbed.

Start using your lip gloss from your lips’ center and drag the applicator along the length of your pout.

Dont’t try to pull any gloss over your lip line and lightly smokes your lips to ensure that your lip gloss reaches all the nooks and cranes of your lips.

Powder Setting

The final touch for your makeup routine may be the settings of spray or powder.

It is essential to invest in a quality setting solution if you want to make up that stays all day long and without grazing, creasing, or shining.

Setter sprays for all types of skin can be used to set various appearances, regardless of how you rock the light surface or make up a whole face.

Setting spray maintains your makeup, helps reduce reuse requirements, and ensures the makeup looks perfectly flawless for hours.

Setting spray is like hairspray on your face, and it is used in a very similar manner.

Hold the bottle from your face at least 8 inches, and then splash a few times to ensure your face is covered with all pieces.

If you want to ensure that your makeup has an X-shaped spray over your face from stir to chin, then spray a T-shaped spray over your head.

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