Home Sports Bucks VS Nets | Takeaways Score In Game 1 Win Over Milwaukee

Bucks VS Nets | Takeaways Score In Game 1 Win Over Milwaukee

Bucks VS Nets | Takeaways Score In Game 1 Win Over Milwaukee

Bucks VS Nets | Takeaways Score In Game 1 Win Over Milwaukee: In Game 1, in the opening minute of their 7-series versus Milwaukee Bucks at the Eastern Conference, the Brooklyn Nets lost James Harden to a hamstring injury. While smaller teams may have been rolling and using this as an excuse for performing, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving led the net to a victory 115-107 at the Barclays Centre.
When Harden was pulled out after an early hamstring injury, the trio combined 72 points, 29 rebounds, and 14 assists in leading Brooklyn with Irving Durant and Blake Griffin. Finally, their products combined with the networks received from their cast were too many to overcome by Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks.

Bucks VS Nets | Takeaways Score In Game 1 Win Over Milwaukee

Bucks VS Nets

Brooklyn springs with the win to a lead of 1-0. Game 2, slated for 7:30 PM ET on TNT to be played on Monday night with a trip to the opener.

Here Are Three Main Game Pickups From Bucks VS Nets

Harden’s Hamstring Injury Goes Down

James Harden drove to the basket on the Nets’ first possession on Saturday night and shot Joe Harris with the ball. It was pretty typical, but sadly the former MVP didn’t end well. Harden hobbled up, leaving the game for the locker room immediately.

Shortly afterward, the Nets reported that Harden had been out with a hamstring injury for the rest of the game. Before even the first half was through, Harden left the stage to obtain an MRI to establish the problem’s seriousness.

It’s still uncertain how long Harden can be sidelined at this stage. But it is easy to worry about, given his hamstring concerns earlier in the season. Harden missed a hamstring strain for more than a month and only returned before the end of the regular season. When he misses big news, that’s terrible news for the networks for the rest of the series and the future.

Griffin’s Flashback Performance Increases

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were terrific with 54 points, 15 rebounds, and 11 aids combined. But it is the type of performance that we have seen over and over again. And that we don’t need to talk further about due to their elite standards.

Let’s focus instead on Blake Griffin, who got up a lot. Eventually, he completes 18 points, 14 rebounds, three assists, and two steals, but he finishes fourth late. He shot 4-for-9 from the center to punish the Bucks vs. nets pick-and-roll drop system and performed. A few thrilling plays had Brooklyn crowds on their feet.

The Nets signed him earlier this season following his horrible beginning with the pistons, so many questions arose as to how vital the move was for a playoff. It turns out a bit — particularly in the first quarter when Jeff Green was already injured, and James Harden was down.

Griffin still has his problems at the defensive end, but it is quite a better case scenario for them if he offers networks this overall productivity. In this game, he overlaid Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday, and if it happens to move forward again, the Bucks will have no chance.

The Remainder Of The Bucks Fight, Giannis And Lopez Dominate Inside.

Everyone assumed that the Bucks would have a significant advantage, which proved to be accurate right away. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez had a great time around the hoop. Taking a total of 21-to-26 shots in the painting, they were leading the Bucks to a massive 72 points.

All in all, they both combined with Durant and Irving for 53 points on 24-for-35. Sadly, hardly anybody else appeared at the attacking end for the Bucks. Not all named Antetokounmpos or López shot from field 21 for 66 (31.8%). And the Bucks went from the 3-point field 6 for 30 teams. They survived a difficult shooting evening in Game 1, but the Nets are another story.

Especially for Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday, this was a hard night. These two have not only affected the game. But you need your best players against the network to put your ball in your basket. Instead, on 13 out of 42 on the field, they scored only 30 points. That’s not enough, especially as Donte DiVincenzo is now out for playoffs because Buck’s bank is weak.

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