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Cannabis Derived Terpenes | What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Cannabis Derived Terpenes | What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Cannabis Derived Terpenes | What Are They and Why Do They Matter?: Plants do. A few insects do too. In addition of the emerging medicinal benefits, how much do we truly know about the chemicals that give cannabis its characteristic aroma? Cannabis produced terpenes have been a hot topic in recent legalisation discussions. The 2018 Farm Bill has also increased the industry’s interest in terpene content.

Cannabis Derived Terpenes | What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Cannabis Derived Terpenes

Because of their broad use and popularity, terpenes are one of the only elements of the cannabis plant recognise by the FDA. But don’t be fooled, this distinction is just for “food-safe additives” and not for the cannabis plant or any of its constituents.

What Are Terpenes?

Organic chemicals present in plants, flowers, fruits, and insects (Terpenes). Tenes are chemicals that give each creature its own scent and flavour. You’ve probably heard about how terpenes affect your high via the entourage effect.

With hundreds of these miraculous molecules discovered in the cannabis Sativa plant, it is now widely thought that terpenes, rather than strain or THC levels, greatly impact the consumer’s psycho-activity.

Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

Some insects and even some plants contain terpenes. Terrenes are compounds that give organisms their characteristic scent and flavour. When it comes to the entourage effect, you’ve probably heard of the importance of the plant’s terpene-rich trichomes, or resin glands.

Cannabis Derived Terpenes, rather than strain or THC content, are now commonly regarded to have a considerable impact on the psycho-activity experience by the user of cannabis Sativa, as evidence by the discovery of hundreds of these molecules.

Synthetic, Lab-Created Terpenes

Whole-plant and synthetic terpenes are vastly different from natural terpenes, which are found in both indoor and outdoor cannabis and hemp growth, because synthetic terpenes are generated in a lab and referred to as “cannabis-related” by the FDA.

Producing cannabis-related terpenes has the added benefit of making cannabinoid profiles more repeatable and accurate. There is a more reliable and durable source of data when it comes to dosing and other scientific research involving terpene levels in cannabis.

Many cannabis experts claim that they prefer terpenes derived from cannabis, but others mention the risk of exposure to sunshine, temperature, other growth conditions, and expense as reasons for opting for synthetic terpenes instead.

Terpenes Derived from Cannabis in Common


one of the most prevalent terpenes in the cannabis plant, is known to impart a spicy, earthy aroma to your marijuana.


A citrusy terpene found in many personal care and household items is thought to help alleviate stress and anxiety.


Pinene is one of the most frequent terpenes in cannabis. Exactly like pine, Pinene’s scent is exactly what you’d expect. Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene are the two varieties. Marijuana contains the most alpha-pinene. A high concentration of pinene is associate with feelings of alertness and attention.


Ocimen, a terpene that is rarely discuss, is thought to have a variety of therapeutic properties. Ocimene has a woodsy scent that is calming and anti-inflammatory.


Tranquilizing and relaxing, terpinolene has a floral, citrusy and woodsy fragrance.

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