Home Health Drunk Not Fat, The 10 Healthiest Ways To Drink

Drunk Not Fat, The 10 Healthiest Ways To Drink

Drunk Not Fat, The 10 Healthiest Ways To Drink

Drunk Not Fat, The 10 Healthiest Ways To Drink: Having a drink doesn’t have to lead to weight gain if you know which ones aren’t going straight to your beer belly. Irritating as it is, alcohol has calories. Alcohol Aware claims that a pint of beer has the same number of calories as a large slice of pepperoni pizza does.

Drunk Not Fat, The 10 Healthiest Ways To Drink

Drunk Not Fat

Cocktails With A High Alcohol Content And Low Sugar Content

You want to treat yourself, but you don’t want to ruin your six-pack abs in the process. It’s important to remember that not all cocktails are the same.

A lot of the drinks served in bars are desserts, so they’re loaded with sugar and fat. As a bonus, they’re often a lot of fun to eat!

Get Yourself Some Hard Seltzers | Drunk Not Fat

This name ‘hard seltzer’ seems like a rather upbeat way of saying ‘alcoholic and fizzy water’. As a outcome of this, they’re among the most low-calorie alcohol beverages on the market.

330ml of White Claw (95 calories) and High Water (98 calories) are the two most popular sodas in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively. That’s about the same amount of vodka as a single swig.

Eat A Substantial Meal Prior To Your Evening Out

We understand that this may seem counterintuitive from a weight loss standpoint. But bear with us. How many times have we gone to pub and picked up a light snack to “line your stomach,” only to find yourself ravenous as the night progresses?

Drink Water And Practise Mindful Drinking

In contrast to other beverages. The thought of drinking more than one beer at a time makes us feel weird and a little nauseated. Alcohol is a diuretic, and stronger booze can deplete your body of water.

Get Out Of The Cyclical Pattern

When you first walk into the pub to meet up with your buddies. Someone will ask you what you’d like to order from the bar. You don’t want to complicate their order with an obscure light beer or an expensive cocktail.

So you simply follow the crowd. Please bring me a non-specific lager. And now you’re stuck on a high-calorie merry-go-round, trying to keep up with everyone out of politeness and purchasing endless drinks that you never even wanted.

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