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Dylan Drive, Name As The Australian Of The Year

Dylan Drive

Dylan Drive, Name As The Australian Of The Year: As part of the Australia Day Honours List, Dylan Alcott was named Australian of the Year and awarded an Order of Australia (AO). As a Paralympic athlete and as a role model for people with disabilities, the wheelchair tennis star was honoured.

Dylan Drive, Name As The Australian Of The Year

Dylan Drive

When It Was Happend? | Dylan Drive

On Tuesday afternoon, Alcott won his Australian Open quad wheelchair singles. Semi-final before flying to Canberra for the evening ceremony. Before he boarded the plane, the Australian told the media that he didn’t expect to win.

Having a win is not possible on Zoom even in the most unlikely of circumstances. Alcott lamented, “So many people with disabilities should have won that award.

Over the years, but they didn’t. Assuming that I can get out of bed. I’ll never forgive myself for not going. Even if I don’t think I’ll ever rise. I intend to attend. “It’s just how I roll.”

“I’m always like, It would just be so cool for a person with disability. To get up there and be able to have that,” Alcott later said.

The number of times I’ve been named Young or Senior Australian of the Year. It is relatively low. Aside from that, it’s really cool to be able to talk about the things you’re passionate about.”

What He Said?

In a statement, Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley praised Alcott’s achievements on and off the field.

“We are fortunate Dylan chose tennis because we have had the opportunity to see first-hand his great sense of humour.

Sharp intellect and his incredible work ethic and drive to succeed in all aspects of his life,” Tiley said in a statement.

The power of his advocacy for people with disabilities is astounding.” He has the ability to alter the course of history, and he is not averse to using it.

Throughout the years, we have known that Dylan’s influence goes far beyond the tennis court or sports arena. His ability to connect with all people transcends tennis and sport,” he says.

In the Australian Open final, Alcott will face Sam Schroder. This is the last time he’ll be able to compete before hanging up his gloves.

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