Home Health It Is True Emuaid Helps In Treating Psoriasis

It Is True Emuaid Helps In Treating Psoriasis

It Is True Emuaid Helps In Treating Psoriasis

It Is True Emuaid Helps In Treating Psoriasis: Skin and nail issues may benefit from the nonprescription Emuaid first aid ointment. Psoriasis sufferers may get relief from the itching and irritation caused by the natural components in this product.

It Is True Emuaid Helps In Treating Psoriasis


What Exactly Is Emuaid?

First aid ointments like Emuaid, a homeopathicTrusted Source topical remedy, are available for purchase. Emuaid’s producer claims that the product is a:

  • It is a natural disinfectant and analgesic.
  • Can provide relief from skin-related ailments on any part of the body by working with the skin’s inherent regenerating capabilities
  • And adults alike can safely use it
  • In Emuaid, Argentum metallicum, a special blend of substances, is included.
  • This active element, colloidal silver, may have some medical applications, such as the treatment of burns, wounds, or infections of the skin on the skin.
  • In addition, the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States includes this component.

Ceramide 3, phytosphingosine, tea tree oil, L-lysine hydrochloride, Lactobacillus reuteri, and emu oil are among the additional constituents in the product. There aren’t any synthetic preservatives or steroids in this product.

Effect On The Skin

Psoriasis flare-ups are frequently brought on by external factors, such as cold weather. It is also conceivable that bacterial infection is the cause of the symptoms.

It is possible that the damaged skin’s microbiota could lead to long-term inflammation and the development of psoriasis, according to research published in 2020.

Emuaid’s potential antibacterial capabilities, although though psoriasis plaques seldom become infected and systemic illnesses are more likely to promote psoriasis.

May nonetheless help prevent the progression of the condition by removing bacteria on the skin.

Based on results from a time-kill research conducted by a third-party laboratory. Emuaid appears to be capable of killing a variety of moulds and bacteria.

Within one minute of coming into touch with them. Although Emuaid funded this study, it is crucial to mention.


There have been no known negative effects or drug interactions with Emuaid’s ointment, according to their website.

In addition, colloidal silver can cause irreversible bluish skin coloring (argyria), renal damage, convulsions, and myopathy, among other possible side effects.

In addition to tea tree oil, Emuaid contains other ingredients that have the potential to irritate the skin and perhaps induce contact dermatitis.

The best Way For Getting The Most Out Of

Skin care products should be applied as soon as possible after bathing to maximise absorption and moisture retention.

When using Emuaid, the manufacturer recommends applying it to the affected area three or four times a day or extra if it is necessary to eradicate the symptoms.

In order to prevent the transmission of symptoms, those with highly contagious illnesses must use separate sterile swabs to apply ointment to each wound.

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