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Fleets Twitter | Tweets Will Soon Be Gone

Fleets Twitter | Tweets Will Soon Be Gone

Fleets Twitter | Tweets Will Soon Be Gone: It seems that the interest of Twitter users in Fleets was fluid. The Social Media Platform has just ended on Wednesday with its Fleets feature, allowing users to share texts, photos, and videos that disappear within 24 hours.

The fleets that debuted on 3 August last November are going to disappear for good.

Fleets Twitter | Tweets Will Soon Be Gone


Purpose Of Fleets

Fleets are design for “an ephemeral way to share people’s fleeting ideas,” especially for new users who use the platform.

But there were no flowering fleets. Mainly it is using by those who tweet their tweets already and talk to others directly.

While the goal was to involve users who do not like Twitter or who may not worry about how many “retweets” or “loves” they get, they can be brutal if their thoughts share on the social platform.

We hoped that Fleets could make others feel comfortable joining the conversation on Twitter. We did not, however, see an increasing in the number of new people in the Fleets discussion as we hoped.

New Characteristics

The rare admission of a product miss for Twitter is that new characteristics are adding recently for its 199 million active daily users, including Spaces.

The social media platform response to the audio chat hit Clubhouse. A tip jar that allow users for sending money directly to their favorite account.

Interestingly, the company has a pattern for taking the best assets of a feature and integrating them into the total product.

Twitter discontinued fleets altogether. The hype over Twitter Moments, which tweeting on the Explore tab. As curative stories of what’s happening around the world” in 2015?


The co-founder of Periscope, Kayvon Beykpour, is the head of consumer product Twitter currently.

And then there was Periscope, the once-popular Twitter-owned live video broadcast application, which shut down in March but which is part of Twitter.

Twitter will conduct tests to incorporate “full-screen camera, text formats and GIF stickers” in the Twitter product, including features of the fleet composer.

Fleets don’t seem like Moments and Periscope, as Beykpour reported on Wednesday in a series of tweets.

Knowledge To New Bets

We didn’t see how big a bet would impact us, so we’ll focus elsewhere. We are still deeply have interest in building tools which inspire new ways of talking on Twitter, so you will see us taking this knowledge to new bets.

By definition, some of them won’t work and to make a single point of our internal philosophy large bets are risky and speculative.

When we don’t have to wind down characteristics now and then, this would be a sign that we don’t have to swings big enough.

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