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Foundation | Which Type Of Foundation Suits You

Foundation | Which Type Of Foundation Suits You

Foundation | Which Type Of Foundation Suits You:  This article shows the types of makeup foundations. May this helps you in choosing you suitable foundation. As there are different skin types and according to them we will choose them. Let’s take a look at the article.

Foundation | Which Type Of Foundation Suits You

Best Foundation

Liquid Foundation

Often our introduction to the foundations is liquid. Both oil-based and water-based formulas provide liquid foundations, covering all skin types.

However, liquid foundations were traditionally the basis of choice for people with dry skin. As the application is easy, it’s ideal for beginners in makeup.

With sponges, brows, and even your fingers, you can apply it.

The liquid foundation is very versatile about coverage and can be found in light (to even the skin tone), moderate and heavy coverage (to cover enlarged pores and dark marks). Liquid foundations appear to be the answer to all. It isn’t.

Liquid bases, which provide high coverage, tend to block pores and cause blackheads and whiteheads. Sweat and oil can become patchy when worn over long hours.

Powder Foundation

These foundations are an excellent addition to your makeup kit if you have oily skin. Since powder bases make talc, the excess oil that your skin secretes absorbs; however, you will notice that your powder footing after a little turns clumpy if you have very oily skin.

Dry skin types should avoid this type of base since powder cannot fill the lines and wrinkles that are more obvious on dry skin, tending to ‘cake.’

The pressed-powder compacts would be known. The market also offers loose powder foundations. A brush or a sponge (never your fingers!) is the best way to apply powder foundations.

In light(sheer) to medium coverage are powder foundations. Using powder as a complete coverage base by applying several layers can make your face look heavily caked.

After reacting with sweat and oils, powder foundations tend to change colour. It doesn’t help to cover fine lines and defects because of the light coverage.

Cream Foundation

A cream foundation is the best bet if one has a dry-skin type and have an all-day event coming up. It is an HD cream that lasts up to 10 hours without plunging or cooking.

The skin is hydrated throughout. The cream base is medium, i.e., it can conceal light defects and fragile lines.

The problem with cream foundations is that it tends to grow after a while if your skin is dehydrated. To avoid that, before applying a cream base, use a face primer or humidifier.

Mousse Foundation

Because of their lightness, the foundations of Mousse become popular. Also known as a whipped base, the formula includes micro blasts that make a wearable light foundation.

It is available in medium to full coverage. What makes it a great pick over a cream base is that mousse foundation are not placed on the ridge and emphasize lines and wrinkles.

But, as long as a cream foundation does, they do not last. Up to 3 hours before it starts to wear the mousse foundation. It makes it a good choice, but not a wedding, for an evening out with friends.

With either a beautiful mixer or a brush, Mousse foundations can be used.

Serum Foundation

One of the most petite well-known foundation models for women with oily skin is the serum foundation. The serum has the lightness of a tinted humidifier and a good covering.

The silicone formulation makes it watery and thin, so it is easy to propagate. However, you have to apply the serum foundations quickly.

A flat base brush may be used to apply simultaneously and evenly across large areas.

However, they start wearing after 2-3 hours—the problem with serum fundamentals.

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