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How To Check Wheel Alignment Of Your Hero Motorcycle

<strong>How To Check Wheel Alignment Of Your Hero Motorcycle</strong>

Riding a Hero Motocorp motorcycle is a matter of comfort and reliability factor to an optimum extent. For years, the Hero brand has made travel convenient, cost-effective, and comfortable for two-wheeler riders all across the globe. And there a majority of Hero bike lovers prefer to ride and own trusted rides like Splendor Xtec, Glamour BS6, Passion Pro, HF Deluxe, and various others.

One essential thing that every Hero bike owner should know about is taking care of the ride by indulging in the regular inside inspection. An imperative thing that involves riders is to check and fix the wheel alignment issue to avoid any kind of unexpected accident.

It has been experienced that a majority of bike riders know how to take care of their ride by undergoing regular service, change of Hero parts, cleaning, and end-to-end inspection. But somehow checking the wheel alignment of your current Hero Motocorp motorcycle might have skipped.

No need to worry, because here in this blog, we will provide you with complete information on how to check the wheel alignment and ways to fix the same.

But before that let’s gather some useful information on the wheel alignment itself.

What is Wheel Alignment in a Motorcycle?

A wheel alignment is nothing but an equal proportion of your motorcycle wheels that ensure a safe riding experience. In more simple terms, it is the angle of both wheels of your bike that must be equal in comparison to each other and not cause you an imbalance ride.

Sometimes after running your motorcycle for months and years, the alignment setting might get disrupted. As a result of the same, you might experience unexpected bike calls or imbalanced incidents at times. Similarly, if your current Hero motorcycle has met with an accident one or more times, then also there might be some wheel alignment issues. No matter what, you must timely inspect your motorcycle tires, check the alignment, and fix the same with the help of an auto expert.

Why Wheel Alignment of your Bike is Important?

Undoubtedly, maintaining proper wheel alignment is a necessary thing to avoid any kind of unnecessary accident, fall, or any other mishappening. It is imperative on your part to check the alignment and if there is an issue, then fix the same as soon as possible. Especially, when you ride your bike more often than the usual computation. For instance, taking Hero Xpulse 200 4V across distinctive off-beat and difficult pathways may impact the alignment to some extent.

When do you Need to Check the Hero Bike’s Wheel Alignment?

Now that you know the importance of wheel alignment of your Hero or any other brand of motorcycle. Another imperative thing you should know is a few warning signs that compel you to check the alignment as soon as possible with no further delay.

Here we have compiled a few situations that allow you to check the wheel alignment of a motorcycle with the help of an auto expert.

  1. Your motorcycle is damaged: The first incident that compels you to check the wheel alignment of the Hero bike is due to some damage. You can inspect the physical outlook of the motorcycle to find out any marks, scratches, dents, or the broken part near the wheels. There might be an instance of a frequent punctured tire. All these are signs of something wrong with your motorcycle’s wheels and need to be fixed in an instant.
  2. Unexpected evidence of crash: The second valid incident that helps you check the wheel alignment is after meeting a motorcycle crash. It could due to your own or someone else’s riding negligence that your bike has been crashed. And there might be some damage done to the wheels. This could even result in damage to parts or the complete wheel area. So, no matter what, you need to fix the issue as fast as possible.
  3. Disbalance of the bike while riding: Despite facing any unexpected accident or a bike crash, still there is an issue with the wheels. You can identify while riding the motorcycle and focus on balance. In case, your bike does not provide you with that much balance traction, then definitely it’s a wheel alignment issue that you have to deal with the same.

How to Check and Fix the Wheel Alignment Issue?

There are two ways of checking the wheel alignment issue in your motorcycle and then fixing the same with the help of an experienced automotive partner. First, you can look into both the wheels that be pointed in the same direction and do not appear in disproportion from any angle. The other way around is to hold something straight between the rear and the front tire to know the parallel effect. If there is some distortion then your wheels are not properly aligned.

Apart from the mentioned ways, there are additional ways like the ones mentioned below for your reference.

  • Make sure to check with the pro: A pro is a specific wheel alignment tool that helps in knowing the proper alignment of tires in equal proportion. You can check with the auto expert to use this tool and get to know about your wheel’s status.
  • Use a string: Another easy way and cost-effective way to check the alignment of motorcycle wheels is using a string. You can place one end of a string with the rear wheel and the other end with the front wheel to know the difference all by yourself.

Concluding Thoughts

Taking care of your motorcycle is equally proportional to its long-lasting life along with experiencing seamless riding pleasure. You can best maintain your Hero motorcycle with regular servicing, thorough cleaning, ensuring wheel alignment, and changing parts by availing of genuine products at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform.