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How Much Should You Expect From Your Personal Injury Claim?

How Much Should You Expect From Your Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim depends on several factors, including the accident’s severity. On average, personal injury victims enjoy compensation ranging from $3000 to $25000. A large number of plaintiffs get settlements above $25000 to $75000. Book an appointment with Anthony Carbone Lawyers to get answers to personal injury questions.

The extent of injuries and losses endured by the plaintiff plays a vital role in determining the claim amount for personal injury cases. The greater the amount of loss incurred by the victim, the more compensation will be received by them. 

Insurance policy limitations

It is necessary to remember that the coverage limit of the defendant’s party’s insurance policy is also an integral factor in deciding the settlement amount. Suppose the amount of compensation for the harm caused by an accident exceeds the limitations of insurance. In that case, receiving a sufficient amount in the claim settlement process can get complicated.

It is suggested that you seek an amount that protects your interests in all ways. The main aim of filing a personal injury claim is to seek a fair amount of reimbursement to compensate for all the damages caused by the negligent conduct of the defendant’s party. You should ensure that the claim amount provides due compensation for the following expenses: 

  • Medical bills

The expenditures caused by the injury treatment, including emergency visits, medical procedures, and rehabilitation costs, should be included in the claim amount. It is often observed that the extent of injuries is not displayed correctly during settlement, leading to lower and insufficient compensation. To avoid such cases, hiring a personal injury lawyer is suggested as they negotiate the settlement on your behalf by procuring and displaying the medical records required to seek a fair amount of compensation.

  • Loss of wages

You are legally allowed to seek compensation for lost wages due to the accident as well as the future loss of income due to your inability to continue working. This applies in cases where the injury has caused significant damage to your physical health in such a way that it affects your work abilities. 

  • Punitive Damages 

Punitive damages are charged in cases where it is found that the defendant caused the accident with malicious intent. Sometimes a jury decides that compensation is not enough in a particular case where a grave offense has been committed, and the defendant must be punished for his actions along with the compensation. This charge aims to set a precedent for the public and discourage others from similar misconduct.