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Imagine You’re Pregnant, The Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Imagine You’re Pregnant, The Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Imagine You’re Pregnant, The Symptoms Of Pregnancy: Imagine You’re Pregnant But Before taking a pregnancy test, we may notice some signs and symptoms. Weeks on your hormone levels change, others will appear.

Imagine You’re Pregnant, The Symptoms Of Pregnancy


Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Period Lost

The earliest signs of pregnancy is missed period (and maybe the most classic one). A missed period does not, however – especially if you tend to be irregular – necessarily mean you are pregnant.

Apart from pregnancy, there are also some health conditions that can cause a late or missed period.


Early pregnancy is frequent with headaches. It is usually caused by changed hormone levels and blood volume increases. If your headaches do not go away or are particularly painful, contact your doctor.


In early pregnancy some women may have mild bleeding and spotting. The result of implantation is this bleeding most often. Usually one or two weeks after fertilisation, implantation takes place.

Early pregnancy bloody conditions such as infections or irritation may also lead to minor conditions. This affects often the surface of the uterus (which is very sensitive during pregnancy).

Bleeding sometimes also can signal serious complications of pregnancy, such as abortion, ectopia or a placenta prior to pregnancy. If you are interested, please always contact your doctor.

Gain In Weight

In your first few months of pregnancy, you can expect to earn between 1 and 4 pounds. By the beginning of your second quarter, weight gains become more noticeable.

Pregnancy Hypertension

Sometimes, during pregnancy, high blood pressure or hypertension develops. You can increase your risk by a number of factors including:


Any prior history or a family history of pregnancy-induced hypertension

The valve between your stomach and the oesophagus may relax hormones released during pregnancy. When stomach acid leaks out, this consequence of in heartburn.


Changes in hormones can slow your digestive system down during early pregnancy. As a result, you can get caught.


As your uterine muscles start to stretch and spread, you can experience a pulling feeling like menstrual cramps. It may indicate a miscarriage and maybe ectopic pregnancy if spotting or bleeding alongside your cramps occurs.

Pain In The Back

The biggest causes of back pain during early pregnancy are hormones and stress on the muscles. You may later add to your back pain your increased weight and shifted centre of gravité. Roughly half of all women in pregnancy report back pain.


Pregnant women have an increased risk of anaemia that causes symptoms like dizziness and lightheadedness.

Premature birth and low birth weight can lead to this condition. Prenatal treatment usually includes anaemia screening.


All pregnant women develops depression during their pregnancy. You can contribute to many biological and emotional changes.

Be sure to say whether you don’t feel like your usual self to your doctor.


Sleeplessness is another common pregnancy symptom. There may be causes of stress, physical discomfort and hormonal changes. Equilibrated nutrition, good sleep and yoga can help you get a good sleep for the night.

Changes In Breast

The first visible signs of pregnancy is breast changes. Women breasts may begin to feel tender, swollen, and usually loud or full even before you are far enough for a good test. Your nipples may be bigger and more sensitive, and your areolae may become darker.


Many women experience acne during their early pregnancy due to increased androgen hormones. These hormones can make your skin oils that can obstruct pores. Acne is generally temporary in pregnancy and clears after the baby is born.


A disease is a common component of “morning disorder,” which normally occurs in the first four months. The first visibility that you are pregnant is often morning sickness. Higher hormones are the main cause in early pregnancy.

Pain In The Hip

Hip pain in pregnancy is common and tends to grow in late pregnancy. There can be a number of reasons, including:

  • Ligament pressure Pressure
  • sciatica
  • Your posture changes
  • A louder womb
  • Diarrhea

Often during pregnancy, diarrhoea and other digestive problems happen. All possible explanations include changes in hormones, a different diet and added stress. Contact your doctor to ensure that you are not dehydrated if diarrhoea lasts more than a couple of days.

Pregnancy And Stress

It is also cause because of stress during pregnancy, usually a happy time. A new child means great changes to your body, relationships, and even finances. Do not hesitate, if you begin to feel overwhelmed, to ask your doctor for help.

The End Of The Day

We should not rely solely on these signs and symptoms for confirmation if you believe you might be pregnant. You can confirm a possible pregnancy with a home pregnancy check or your doctor for laboratory testing.

Many of these symptoms and signs can also result from other conditions of health, like premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Learn how soon they will appear after the missing period of time, about the early symptoms of pregnancy.

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