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iOS 15: Three Things I’d Like To See On My iPhone

iOS 15: Three Things I’d Like To See On My iPhone

iOS 15: Three Things I’d Like To See On My iPhone: If you follow technology, you know that June is a significant month. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will bring together a large number of video games. Enthusiasts to see what’s new for their home video game console, PC, or mobile device. Then there’s Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where we get our first peek at the latest iOS 15 version and learn what new features are coming to our handsets.

iPhone fans and other Apple products will learn more at the tech giant address on June 7.

Waiting, here are three things I’d want to see in the next iOS 15 release for my iPhone.

Ios 15

Managing Notifications

Apple has improved access to notifications beyond searching for your settings. But I’d like more options to decide when to see notifications than just toggling on or off. For example, maybe I want my work email notifications to be turned off when I’m at my computer but turned on when I’m away. Notifications that are timed would be a good solution.

Widget Enhancements

I like the Spotify app as a widget on my iPhone. It’s essentially just a giant app icon that I don’t like. I see what playlists are available now, but I don’t care about playing directly from the widget without the application opening. It is compatible with your reports. Why do you not interact with these widgets?

Dividing The Screen

I admit that this one will be difficult for iPhone because you have some models with smaller screen sizes and only so much real estate on your screen. But I’d love to be able to use two apps at the same time. For instance, I might have a browser open and want to save a link to Notes. Alos. I might see a photo and wish to drag it over to an iMessage.

  • What else happened in the world of technology?
  •  I am putting a stop to misinformation. The most recent battleground? Changes in the climate. The Advance Democracy report states that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube should minimize lying spread.
  • It is a big thing in the streaming world. Amazon paid $8.45 billion for MGM, which means James Bond, Rocky, and Robocop now have a new home. And the battle for your attention in the streaming world has just gotten a lot more interesting. Should I like it? Should I dislike it? Users on Facebook and Instagram will be able to hide likes from their own or other users’ posts.
  • A technical hint

It’s weekend Memorial Day, the pandemic restrictions are lifting, and you’re probably itching to get out of the house and make travel plans. Some of these practical applications might be considered as part of your planning.

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