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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Long Distance Motorcycle

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Long Distance Motorcycle

The daily commute to the workplace is getting cumbersome and tiresome with each passing day. It’s due to the increasing traffic on roads, extending rush inside different transport mediums, less space on walking pathways, and the number of individuals increasing regularly. With all such hassles, it’s difficult to reach your workplace well on time. Unless and until, you decide to buy online bikes or directly at the showroom.

Undoubtedly, riding a motorcycle for regular commutation purposes is a bit more convenient, comfortable, cost-effective, and peaceful compared to public and other means of transport. Having your own bike does not allow you to wait eagerly for the cab or bus to arrive at the pickup point. Nor, do you need to wait for local transportation modes and get late at frequent intervals. So, the solution lies in investing in a performance-oriented bike to reach your destination with no further delay.

Buying a long-distance traveling commuter motorcycle is a convenient option to travel long miles,e even within the city limits with ease. Compared to an average two-wheeler with a short riding capacity, a long-distance commuter motorcycle can cover extensive kilometers in a single day. And provides an optimum level of riding performance along with the expected mileage.

A perfect combination of speed, style, comfort, convenience, and fuel efficiency of more than average CC engine capacity motorcycle ensures seamless travel ahead. So, at the time of buying a long-distance traveling commuter motorcycle, you must look into the following things.

Comfortable Riding Position:

One of the significant things to look into in a long-commuter bike is the overall handling. For riding a bike towards long kilometers, it is essential that ride offers a comfortable position with proper sync with a handlebar, seating position, brake pedal, gear padel, and even hand brakes. There must be a well-distributed weight of the motorcycle while allowing the rider to sit in an upright position and comfortable ride for a long-lasting distance. Even the bike must be comfortable enough not to provide any back or joint pain when riding across various kilometers. Therefore, it is essential on your part to check the ergonomics of the bike without fail.

Vibration-Free Riding:

There are few commuter motorcycles that start vibrating after crossing the average speed. Vibration does not just disturb your seamless riding experience but is annoying as well to cover the expected long distance. Therefore, you must check for the bike’s vibration at the time of taking the test ride. At least for once or two, accelerate at the above-average speed and feel the vibration, if have any. You might be surprised to know the fact that riding a bike with vibration not just disturbs your ride, but is harmful to your spine. You must buy a comfortable motorcycle that does not vibrate at a decent speed and ensures seamless riding pleasure.

LED Headlamps & Lights:

It is important to focus on the overall lighting system along with the ease to buy online bike accessories for your long-riding two-wheeler. For getting easy visibility on dark paths, the commuter motorcycle must feature LED lamps both at the front and rear side to ensure comfortable illumination on the road. The headlight must provide the required visibility in dark patches, especially during the night and rainy season time. On the other side, the motorcycle must feature bit-size and crystal clear rear-view mirrors to have an easy eye on the traffic below the ride.

Digitally Powered Instrument Cluster:

Modern-day motorcycles that are meant to cover long distances feature state-of-the-art cluster systems to provide manifold functionalities. It includes features like GPS-enabled functionality, gear shift indication, service kilometers, call/SMS alerts, etc. These features are required in a commuter bike to stay updated with your riding condition along with urgent messages and calls. Thus, you must buy such a technically efficient motorcycle to meet your daily riding requirement.

Light Clutch Lever:

A motorcycle with a heavy clutch lever makes it problematic to ride long distances. A heavy clutch will surely make you feel tiredness in your hands and find it further difficult to ride in a jam-packed condition. So, it is essential that the long-riding commuter bike must feature a light clutch lever and wire. Even after riding the motorcycle for several kilometers, you must have the option of buying bike spare parts online, specifically the clutch lever and wire to replace the same.

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