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Long Weekend | Everyone Loves, I’m Finally Excited

Long Weekend | Everyone Loves, I’m Finally Excited

Long Weekend | Everyone Loves, I’m Finally Excited: Long weekends earlier in the pandemic meant more time spent at home alone. They also served as a stark reminder that we were apart from family and friends during the holidays.

However, as COVID-19 cases decline and vaccines become more widely available, the ability to gather with loved ones and celebrate is becoming much safer.

That’s why I’m looking forward to having a long holiday weekend for Memorial Day. I’m fully vaccine, and my friends are as well. So our good time is starting, and again we meet up with our friends. It maybe has a picnic in the park, or even go to the beach (if the weather holds out).

Long Weekend | Everyone Loves, I’m Finally Excited

Long Weekend


The Destiny’s Child group chat reunion serves as an excellent reminder to keep in touch with your friends.

Even with our vaccinations and renewed feelings of excitement, social outings can cause anxiety. Furthermore, even within my friend group, we all have different levels of comfort in terms of what we feel safe doing at this time.

But one thing is sure: we’re all relieved to be feeling safer and more excited about something again!

Crazy Ideas About Long Weekend

If returning to a movie theatre after being away from them during the pandemic is part of your Memorial Day plans, we’ve got you covered. The Emma Stone-starring “Cruella” and the long-delayed. “A Quiet Place: Part II” will help usher in summer movie season for big-screen-deprived audiences this Memorial Day weekend, writes my colleague Patrick Ryan.

‘Did I just jeopardize my marriage?’ For Emily Blunt, John Krasinski recounts the scariest scene in ‘Quiet Place II.’ The majority of movie theatres are still taking precautions against the ongoing pandemic.

But, according to a Fandango.com poll of 4,000 ticket buyers, 93 percent please with their return experience, and 87 percent said theatres did an excellent job of making them feel safe.

Some point that if you return to the theater:

Seat Assignments At Theatre

Although capacity restrictions in New York City theatres lift last week, the six-foot social distancing guidelines are still expected to be enforced.

You have to wait in line for concessions. Use the AMC smartphone app to schedule an order for pickup. You can easily retrieve the latter option—your theatre lobby concession bag (although brace yourself for cold popcorn).

Like many post-COVID restaurants, diners are uses to drawing their food and drink offerings by telephone before the movie with a combination of physical menus and scannable QR codes.

Most theatre chains, including Cinemark and Regal, allow you to remove your mask while you eat and drink, but you always need to wear it.

Mask reminders and sanitizers are everywhere – but temp checks aren’t. Most theatres now have multiple hand sanitizer dispensers, buckets of hand wipes, or some combination of the two.

There are also numerous posters outlining the rules of mask-wearing. Which everyone (at least at my showings) appears to follow, although mask mandates have been lifted indoors.

Concessions Are Limited

These signs, including Spiderman, Ghostface, and Hannibal Lecter, have been a fun thing for Nitehawk.

Surprisingly, Nitehawk and Brooklyn’s Syndicat Cinema are the only theatres. I’ve visited that use touchless thermometers at the door. Unfortunately, the latter also requires moviegoers to fill out contract tracing forms.

Overall, my first few trips back to the theatre were equal parts jittery and joyful. But I now feel about as at ease as I did before the pandemic. When we back to our everyday life and activities at our own pace. Also, remember to consider your fellow moviegoers and the hardworking theatre staff to all have the most secure and pleasurable big-screen experience possible.

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