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Netflix Clue, Is Netflix Giving Video Games?

Netflix Clue, Is Netflix Giving Video Games?

Netflix Clue, Is Netflix Giving Video Games?: Netflix has hired Mike Verdu, a former video game leader, and it is about to extend video streaming to another fertile entertainment field.

Verdu has been confirmed as Netflix’s vice chairman of game development Thursday. The company tries to sustain the driving force it gained last year as people went through lockdowns imposed during the pandemic with the video streaming service.

Netflix Clue, Is Netflix Giving Video Games?

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Annual Gain In Business History

Last year, Netflix closed 37 million global subscribers – the most significant annual gain in its business history. But now that the pandemic has allowed people to return to their everyday life, the landscape has changed dramatically.

The first 3 months of this year, the video service stalled and posted the smallest four-quarter increase in the subscriber, and its spring gains were also predicted to be magical. The company Los Gatos, California, shall report its results on Tuesdays for the April-June period.

Company’s Plan To Gain Subscribers

Adding video games would allow Netflix to build on its almost 208 million subscribers at the end of March. Neither is it surprising, as Netflix’s co-CEO Reed Hastings has long.

The company competes against video games against other video streaming services such as Amazon, Hulu, Walt Disney Co., and Apple for a piece of people’s time.

Netflix did not comment directly on his possible introduction to video gaming but did not leave any doubt about his intent by announcing Verdu’s company title.

Verdu joins Oculus on Facebook, where he oversaw the headset maker’s games of virtual reality. He worked for Electronic Arts and Zynga video game makers before.

Is Netflix Really Offering Video Games?

The biggest questions now are when Netflix is really to offer video games. And whether it plans to charge a separate fee for them to playing or including in its video streaming services.

On a research note, video games are a logical addition to the vast TV and film library of Netflix, CFRA analyst Tuna Amobi called them, which helps to establish the stage of eventually increasing prices which many subscribers will accept.

Alternative To Add More Subscribers

In April, Netflix CEO Greg Peters tells investors that video games is an alternative way for subscribers already immersing in stories in TV and movies.

All we tries determine how we can enhance these connections and deepen the fandom in all of these various ways,” Peters said then. In his new job, Verdu will report to Peters.

Investors seemed to be watching Netflix’s potential video game foray attitude. At $542.95 on Thursday, the share price of the company decreased by 1 percent.

Although most of the stock market has recently reached record highs. Netflix’s shares fell by 8 percent from their January peak of $593.29.

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