Home Education Nitro Type, A Free Online Typing Practice Racing Game For K-12 Students

Nitro Type, A Free Online Typing Practice Racing Game For K-12 Students

Nitro Type, A Free Online Typing Practice Racing Game For K-12 Students

Nitro Type, A Free Online Typing Practice Racing Game For K-12 Students: Hey guys today I am sharing some useful information about nitro type which is a free online typing practice racing game.

Nitro Type, A Free Online Typing Practice Racing Game For K-12 Students

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Nitro Type is a fantastic online typing practise game that allows students of all ages to compete in typing races against one another. When I taught computer literacy seven years ago, it was one of my favourite tools to use, and the Nitro Type team has added many wonderful features since then.

The most significant enhancement is their new teacher dashboard, which allows teachers to track student usage and progress while they play the game.

How To Create Free Account

To begin, teachers can create a free account by clicking here. After entering your basic information, you can proceed to the “My Classes” page to set up your classes and add students. You will then give a link for send out or share with students in order for them to self-join your class.

Nitro Type integrates with Clever, Google Classroom, and ClassLink, so students can log in using their existing account if you use any of those systems. Less passwords for students to remember (and potentially forget) is always a plus.

How Students Begins

Students can begin racing as soon as they join! Nitro Type works through pairing students with other racers who have the same (or nearly the same) Words Per Minute (WPM) speed as them.

Students begin by participating in an initial diagnostic “qualifying” race to determine their speed, after which they can begin racing peers from around the world or friends they invite.

Students earn “money” as they race, which they can use to buy or customise different cars. They also visits their “garage” at any time to customise their vehicles with various styles and paint options.

They will level up and receive rewards and achievements as they complete more races.

Is Nitro Is Simple Setup And Premise

Overall, Nitro Type has a simple setup and premise, but in my experience, students really enjoy it. They loved it, especially when I joined the race with them, and it was a great way to practise and reinforce type skills.

With add up of the new teacher dashboard, teachers can now see how much racing students are doing as well as how far they have progressed in their typing skills.

Teachers can keep track of how many races students have competed in, how much time they have spent playing, their average typing speed, their fastest typing speed, and when they last logged in.

One thing for keeping in mind is that Nitro Type is ad-supported (hence the free price tag). As a result, students will see advertisements to the side and above their race. This was always a useful tool for me when teaching students about internet safety and privacy.

However, if your school wants to remove the ads, you can purchase student licences ($9.95 per year). Students are likely to be excited about this because the Gold membership comes with some fun bonuses.

Bottom Line

Overall, I am and have been a huge fan of Nitro Type for a long time. When I was teaching computer literacy, this was my go-to practise application for students, and the programme has only gotten better. Furthermore, the addition of their new teacher dashboard is fantastic, as it provides teachers with valuable insight into student progress. And, to top it all that all is free.

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