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Phantom Vacuum, There Are Bound To Be Persona 6 References

Phantom Vacuum, There Are Bound To Be Persona 6 References

Phantom Vacuum, There Are Bound To Be Persona 6 References: Persona 6 may frequently refer to and reexamine the Phantom Thieves’ actions due to Persona 5’s success.

Phantom Vacuum, There Are Bound To Be Persona 6 References

Phantom Vacuum

Interconnecting | Phantom Vacuum

Popular JRPG series like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Persona tell standalone stories rather than interconnecting plots. Focusing on returning mechanics that keep fans coming back.

With Atlus confirming work on Persona 6, fans can expect a new storey, as well as updated combat and social sim elements.

A self-contain plot, rather than requiring fans for playing a previous game, seems likely for Persona 6.

Persona 5’s fame may still influence Persona 6’s plot. Persona 5’s storey was structured differently than most Persona games. Allowing it to stand out from its predecessors.

Given how influential the Phantom Thieves were in Japan and beyond, it’s possible that Persona 6 will reference events of Persona 5.

Lack or all of the Phantom Thieves’ greatest achievements may have major ramifications for Persona 6.

The Story Of Persona 5

Despite the fact that many Persona games culminate in epic battles with powerful Shadows. They tend for focusing on small communities and local stories.

Persona 3 focuses on the Kijiro Corporation’s impact on its self-made city, while Persona 4 has players investigating local crimes in a small town in rural Japan.

Despite their impact on the world, these Persona protagonists go unnoticed.

Persona 5 takes a different approach. Persona 5 is all regarding public vigilante justice from the start.

However, unlike their peers, the Phantom Thieves’ supernatural work is far more visible. As many Shadows are associate with human antagonists in very public roles.

After all of Persona 5, the Phantom Thieves have confronted a leading candidate for Japanese PM. Persona 5 Strikers expands the Phantom Thieves’ publishing reach as they travel around Japan to revisit the Metaverse.

The Phantom Thieves are far more famous. Than the SEES from Persona 3. Or the Investigation Team from Persona 4.

It is Because Persona games share a universe, the Persona 6 cast will likely be familiar with the Phantom Thieves’ actions.

The Phantom Thieves’ widespread influence may directly affect several Persona 6 protagonists’ lives.

Persona 5 References Worth

Innovating a new Persona game by referencing the original would be risky, but rewarding.

For starters, Atlus could attract more Persona 5 fans if they made it clear that the Phantom Thieves’ actions continue for shaping the world.

People will want to play Persona 6 even if the Phantom Thieves aren’t playable characters.

Persona 6’s narrative direction with the Phantom Thieves seems intriguing.

For example, one new Persona 6 Confidant could be a former Masayoshi Shido supporter. Who lost faith in politics after the Phantom Thieves exposed Shido’s schemes.

Persona 6’s playable characters may have ties to Persona 5 villains like Shido or Okumura through family members who worked for them.

Moreover, if Persona 6 focuses on human antagonists, these figures may have risen to power to fill Phantom Thieves’ voids.

Persona 6 will also perform better as a direct sequel to Persona 5 if it contains plenty of homages. Persona games don’t usually get sequels, and five years after Persona 5’s release.

There’s still no sign of one. Persona 5 Strikers appears to be the closest.

Persona 6 could be a nice compromise between franchise progress. As well as appeasing Persona 5 fans if it reuses many of Persona 5’s storey threads.

Identifying Persona 6

While the nature of Persona 5’s plot suggests that Persona 6 will reference the game. Atlus must still be cautious in how it does so.

If Persona 6 is entirely based on the Phantom Thieves’ achievements. Atlus should make a proper Persona 5 sequel.

Persona 6 can benefit from referencing the influential Phantom Thieves. But it must also focus on new plot threads and characters to stand out.

Persona 5 undeniably changed the franchise’s course. Now that Persona is popular.¬†Atlus has to deal with more expectations for its next big title.

Persona 6 must be a worthy successor to Persona 5 without being too similar. While Atlus knows it has set a high bar for itself.

It remains undeterred in its quest to make Persona 6 a better game. With that in mind. It will interesting for seeing how Atlus treats Persona 5 and 6.

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