Home Health Ramzi Theory: How It Works And When You Can Implement It!

Ramzi Theory: How It Works And When You Can Implement It!

Ramzi Theory: How It Works And When You Can Implement It!

Have you recently found out that you are soon going to be a parent? Are you curious to know the sex of your baby and wondering how reliable is the is the Ramzi theory? If you are wondering what it is, keep reading through!!

What is the Ramzi theory?  

The Ramzi theory is a technique used to identify the location of the placenta during the early weeks of pregnancy. The ultrasound done during this period predicts the sex of the baby as this is the time when the embryo starts developing male or female structures. During the 5-6 weeks of ultrasound of a certain number of pregnant women, the researchers were able to identify the genitals of 99% of male fetuses and 98% of female fetuses. As the results of 5-6 weeks ultrasound and mid-pregnancy ultrasound matched, the theory proved to be true.  

Another factor that helped the healthcare practitioners to identify the baby’s sex was the placement of the placenta. The placenta is at the right side of the uterus for male fetuses, whereas female fetuses have a placenta on the left side of the uterus. All these factors distinctively gave a firm basis to the Ramzi theory. 

What is the working of the Ramzi theory?

The key revolving around the Ramzi thorough for sex detection of the fetus is to look for the bright area around the sac. This is the large fluid cavity where the placenta starts to grow. However, a layman can not identify these single-handedly and will require the assistance of a medical professional to help interpret the ultrasound results for you.

As discussed above, if the placenta implants itself on the left side of the body, the woman is likely to have a baby girl; otherwise, a baby boy is expected.  

However, depending on the type of scan, if it is an abdominal or transvaginal scan, the positioning of the placenta differs accordingly. The flipped/mirrored images or scan results can give the illusion of a different result if the scans are not analyzed properly. 

Is trying the Ramzi method safe?

Sure, the procedure is safe to perform unless you tend to make any critical decisions based on the results. In addition, some doctors or healthcare practitioners also avoid ultrasound in the early weeks of pregnancy to prevent the chances of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. The basic idea is to have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby even when you are aware of your fetus’s gender. 


The final thought about the Ramzi theory being true is that couples must not put themselves in a position to decide the fate of the fetus after the results of a 5 weeks ultrasound. In case if the soon to become parents are more concerned about sex-based genetic abnormalities, they can choose to undergo specific accepted genetic tests. The couple is ought to provide information on the baby’s risk for chromosomal disorders such as Down Syndrome. Always choose to opt for non-invasive maternal blood tests not to harm the baby even intentionally and retain maternal health at the same time.