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Remind, A Safe Way For Intreacting Teachers To Text Children And Parents

Remind, A Safe Way For Intreacting Teachers To Text Children And Parents

Remind, A Safe Way For Intreacting Teachers To Text Children And Parents: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about remind that is a new way of interaction between childrens and teachers. May this information helps you.

Remember is a service many of you might already know about. They provide teachers with a free and safe method that enables students and parents to learn easily.

Remember for a while, but recently their new chat feature has been announced, which allows two-way communication between teachers, students, and parents. They’re a fantastic resource, so let’s look at it.

Remind, A Safe Way For Intreacting Teachers To Text Children And Parents



Remind is designed to ensure teachers contact their students and parents in a safe and simple manner via SMS messages as well as Internet and apps. Remind is available and completely free of charge on all internet-enabled devices and operating systems.

Remember that you are currently releasing your two-way chat system and you can sign in for an early adopter here for interested parties.

New Features

This new feature will allow teachers to communicate and exchange messages safely with students and parents. It is only the teacher who can inspire chat, so the teachers, parents and students need not worry about the number. cell telephone numbers are still anonymous.

Besides being able to send text, users can also send pictures and voice records. This is one of my favourite characteristics because

I feel I can express so much more by voice rather than texts. Teachers are able to send updates, praises, new tasks and more with just a few taps and recordings.

The ability of teachers to set office hours is another great feature of the new chat. This allows them to have explicit time limits and students to expect rapid reactions.

If students send messages out of business hours (or especially late in the day), a notification will pop up asking if they are certain they will send the message out of business hours.

Advantages For Teachers

Teachers can also “pause” conversations, which is basically a good way to hang up. Until the teacher restarts the chat with that particular student.

The student will not be able to answer any chats. In this way, when they do not feel need of messages, teachers won’t have to worry about receiving them.

In particular, teachers can decide to open up the classroom where the chat option is available without restrictions all the time so that students and parents can talk to each other.

Teachers are also able to report quite advanced. If necessary, a transcript of the chat can be sent to yourself or an administrator easily. In addition, if a student is unsuitable, he can flag or cancel a chat with that student.

Testing Students Through This Ability

Reminds ability to send “stamps” is another new feature. With stamps the teacher may send a question or image and have a check, an X, a question mark, and a star answered by the students.

This makes polling and testing fast and easy, so that teachers can get an almost instant snapshot of where their students are on a specific topic.

In a new function called Activities, Remind has also added. By send out invitations to parents and students, you can plan and co-ordinate your activities in real time.

You also use the Activities feature to track registered people, manage money, send information and much more.

Bottom Line

I can’t recommend Remind sufficiently overall. I have a number of friends, personally speaking, who are K-12 teachers. Remind is a free and perfect way to maintain contact with your students and parents, regardless of your subject or degree level.

It is an excellent tool to increase the involvement of students and parents and it is absolutely worth checking.

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