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Riverside Elementary Newport News Va | Riverside College Of Health Career

Riverside Elementary Newport News Va | Riverside College Of Health Career

Riverside Elementary Newport News Va | Riverside College Of Health Career: To enhance the well-being of communities in southeast Virginia and beyond by providing high-quality undergraduate nursing and allied health education that prepares competent and caring professionals for careers within Riverside Health System and the region is Riverside College of Health Careers mission.

Health Careers Education fosters excellence, compassion, and competence; community involvement and partnerships resulting in immeasurable benefits; and the ability to change and innovate to achieve excellence.

Riverside Elementary Newport News Va | Riverside College Of Health Career

Riverside College

Strategic Plans

Students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders are treated with consideration, respect, and integrity. To meet changing health care education needs in various settings, we use strategic planning as a tool for the College.

We listen to them during planning to serve our stakeholders better and improve educational programs and graduate outcomes.

Riverside Health System providers in market area rely on the College so as to provide practitioners who can meet their changing health care needs.

Riverside College Celebrates Success

Therefore quality health care education for students leads to the successful attainment of credentials that meet or exceed the requirements for practicing in a specific health care career.

In our communities, prepare health care professionals who will respond to the changing needs of Riverside Health System and other healthcare providers.

Hence develop a lifelong learning attitude in your students to be open to pursuing advanced degrees and additional certifications.


A Newport News, Virginia, private, not-for-profit institution, Riverside College of Health Careers, was founded in 1997. A total of 328 students attend the university. Therefore semesters are used as the basis for the school’s academic year. At this university, the student-to-faculty ratio is 11 to 1. Riverside College of Health Careers offers an associate degree as its highest degree.

Women’s Health Care In Riverside

Your team at Riverside will put your health first. Your top priority should be to ensure the health and well-being of the women in your life. In addition for providing expert medical care for women at every stage of life, Riverside’s female specialists provide the following services:

  • Young women
  • Teens
  • Youthful females
  • Child-bearing
  • Midlife
  • Menopause
  • Seniors

Women Of All Ages Receive Team Care

General OB-GYN care is available at Riverside, including annual gynaecology exams, gynecologic surgery, and gynaecological oncology. Therefore every type of GYN care is available from annual exams to contraception planning to menopause or hormone replacement therapy.

Any clinical specialist need for your individual needs and specific health conditions will be included in your Riverside team’s collaborative approach to care. Therefore for your overall health, we work with your primary care physician and other specialists, including:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics
  • Urology

Labor And Delivery Providers Set Best-In-Class Standards

Hence every member of our maternity team dedicates to providing you with complete support throughout your pregnancy. Obstetricians, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners getting know each of our patients so that new Moms feel comfortable and confident about their birth plans.

Also available are classes on skin-to-skin bonding and infant feeding to help you establish a close relationship with your baby right away.

Our well-establishe maternity services team provides consistent and coordinated care regardless of where you choose to stay at Riverside.

Throughout our entire healthcare system, you will experience standards of excellence and best practise protocols because our team has been working together for so many years.

Diagnostic Imaging Excellence In Hospitals

Our Riverside Health System network offers the best imaging technology and expert analysis for any imaging services needed.

Therefore for your specific issues or conditions, board-certified radiologists and interventional neuroradiologists provide accurate and rapid diagnoses.

Results are available more quick through our EPIC electronic medical record system because all images are taking at Riverside’s convenient locations. Also In terms of collaboration and communication, these factors are crucial.

In particular, women benefit from Riverside’s advanced diagnostic imaging services. Hence using 3-dimensional rotating views, advanced CT scanners, and biplane imaging, we provide exceptional image clarity for any need, including breast and gynecologic imaging.

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