Home News Sarah Palin Vs Hillary Clinton | All Depends On Poll

Sarah Palin Vs Hillary Clinton | All Depends On Poll

Sarah Palin Vs Hillary Clinton | All Depends On Poll

Sarah Palin Vs Hillary Clinton | All Depends On Poll: This article gives you information about the poll results which has been done between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. May this information helps you and blown-up your mind.

If Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were to face off in the 2016 presidential election, Alaska voters will choosing the former secretary of state over the former governor.

Sarah Palin Vs Hillary Clinton | All Depends On Poll

Alaskans Prefer

Poll Are Leading Towards Clinton

Clinton had a 49 per cent lead over Palin in the hypothetical matchup, while Palin had a 40 per cent lead. The Republican Party accounted for 27 per cent of the state’s registered voters as of July 3. While Democrats accounted for 14 per cent.

Alaskans last voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in 1964. Among Alaskans, only 18 per cent said Palin should run for president, while 77 per cent said she shouldn’t.

Governor Palin resigned in 2009 after the 2008 presidential election. Which catapulted her to national prominence as the Republican vice-presidential candidate.

The former governor said frivolous ethics complaints prevented her from serving out the remainder of her term, and she became a mainstay of Republican activism and punditry afterwards.

Sarah Still Ranks

However, despite Palin’s poor showing against Clinton, she would still rank second in a hypothetical GOP primary, trailing only Paul’s 18 per cent. Her closest competitor, Christie, is one point behind her in the polls.

Hence Sen. Mark Begich, a freshman Democrat from Alaska, was Palin’s opponent of choice in 2014. In February, PPP predicted a 16-point Begich lead.

A total of 890 Alaska voters were surveyed from July 25-28, including 507 Republican primary voters included in the sample. This survey’s calculated margin of error was 3.3 percentage points for general election questions. PPP is a Democrat polling firm specialising in Democratic issues.

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