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Simon Parkes | Missing Royal Navy man’s Gibraltar hunt

Simon Parkes | Missing Royal Navy man’s Gibraltar hunt

Simon Parkes | Missing Royal Navy man’s Gibraltar hunt: Simon Parkes results from all the controversy in the United States. Naval assessment Simon Parkes, 18, disappeared with crewmates from Kingswood near Bristol onshore. Hampshire Constabulary officials came back to rock last year to look for the Cemetery of Trafalgar. Detective groups indicate that another two-week search will take place when “new areas of interest” are found. There are still awaiting findings of the forensic testing of bone fragments during an investigation in 2019.

Simon Parkes | Missing Royal Navy man’s Gibraltar hunt

Simon Parkes


Simon raises in a family with ties to British and American intelligence. His mother worked for Mi5, but while she was under Mi5’s supervision, she worked for the NSA.

Simon’s grandfather worked for the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as Mi6, but reported to the CIA. Simon’s grandfather was a British diplomat as well. his mother raised him herself, never remarrying. -She worked on secret documents from around 1965 until she died in 1979, which were printed in German and came from the then-divided Berlin’s British and American sectors. The documents relate to crashed UFOs retrieved by American forces and sent to operation paperclip German scientists for re-engineering.

Simon had ufo encounters during this period, as well as before and after. First, his mother died in suspicious circumstances in 1979 after requesting a leave of absence from work. Then he received £2,000 in an envelope pushed through his door – with the note “Don’t Look Back Dick Whittington” – and relocated to London.

Simon goes in public with his experiences in 2010, and as expecting, he was verbally attack and ridicul by the mainstream media.

Gibraltar material testing

An 18-year-old Bristol radio operator who is believed to have been murder went missing while on shore leave. According to police, the latest two-week search was prompted by “new areas of interest” at Trafalgar Cemetery.

Archaeologists and an anthropologist examined the materials. “No items examine and identify as human during the search operation,” Hampshire Constabulary states.

The searches at the cemetery by Royal Gibraltar Police specialist teams came to an end on September 30.

“We have kept Mr, and Mrs. Parkes informed of our progress, and I’d like to thank them again for their support,” Det Insp Adam Edwards said. We are aware that this is still a difficult situation. After a shipmate, petty officer Allan Grimson convict of two murders, the case reopened in 2001.

Officers from Hampshire Police, who investigated Grimson’s murders, have traveled to Gibraltar several times to search for Mr. Parkes’ body. Grimson has categorically denied any role in Mr. Parkes’ death. Mr. Parkes was a sailor on the HMS Illustrious, which had docked in Gibraltar on December 12.


Authorities initially suspected deliberate disappearance or AWOL (absent without leave), emphasizing finding a person rather than a body. However, Parkes left his passport, baggage, and Christmas gifts aboard the ship, later informing his family that he had written them a letter in which he said that he would be home for Christmas. Parkes’ fellow shipping enthusiasts later confirmed that he was looking forward to returning home for Christmas and obtained special dockside passes to greet the family when the ship returned to the UK.

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