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Sukuna | Greatest Mysteries, According to Jujutsu Kaisen

Sukuna | Greatest Mysteries, According to Jujutsu Kaisen

Sukuna | Greatest Mysteries, According to Jujutsu Kaisen: Ryomen Sukuna has yet to assume the role of principal adversary. As well as appears to have little to no chance of defeating Satoru Gojo. Yet many still dread him.

It doesn’t matter what role he plays in Jujutsu Kaisen’s current plot, because the King of Curses’ malice and objective remain a secret.

Sukuna | Greatest Mysteries, According to Jujutsu Kaisen


Sukuna’s Cursed Technique Uses Invisible Cleavers To Slice Through His Enemies

A lot of anime lovers are still baffled by Sukuna’s cursed techniques. As a matter of fact, manga enthusiasts are still speculating about the King of Curses’ method.

Fans believe that Sukuna’s intrinsic technique has something to do with slicing up his opponents with cursed energy. After witnessing him unleash his dismantle and cleave cursed techniques.

In Addition To Being A Jujutsu Sorcerer, Sukuna Is Also A Cursed Spirit

Yuji’s teacher Satoru Gojo also mentions that Sukuna was both a cursed jujutsu practitioner and a sorcerer. This is unheard of in today’s jujutsu world.

Only Panda and Choso blur the boundary between cursed spirit and jujutsu sorcerer, but no one claims to be both a living, breathing sorcerer and a cursed spirit.

When Sukuna Was First Created, She Had Four Arms And Four Eyes

First, Gojo makes it apparent that Ryomen Sukuna formerly dominated the world of jujutsu with his four fists. There were 20 fingers on each of Sukuna’s hands and four arms in her initial form.

However, despite the fact that Sukuna’s twenty fingers are crucial to the story, it remains a mystery why the ancient sorcerer possessed four arms in the first place.

In Order To Access A Fire-Based Cursed Technique, Sukuna Can Open A Jujutsu Vault.

Fans were left scratching their heads as Sukuna showed off a trick at the Shibuya Incident Arc. Sukuna unleashes a new fire-based cursed technique to take on the Special Grade Cursed Spirit Jogo.

Base Of The Malevolent Shrine Is Made Up Of A Set of Teeth.

When compared to other jujutsu sorcerers and cursed spirits, Sukuna’s Cursed technique is one of a kind. Sukuna expands his domain across the entire natural world rather than creating a boundary and then expanding his realm within it.

Sukuna’s technique can now cover a considerably wider area than with a standard domain expansion technique because of this seemingly insignificant distinction.

Many people are baffled as to why the foundation of Malevolent Shrine bears a set of human teeth. This can be explained by divine limits.

Against The King Of Curses, Does Satoru Have The Self-Belief To Prevail?

One of Satoru Gojo’s most well-known characteristics is his exuberant self-assurance.

Going up against Sukuna at full strength would certainly exhaust Satoru. But he refuses to give in to the King of Curses when Yuji asks him whether he can overcome him.

Gojo’s self-assurance is bolster by a potent arsenal of curse tactics. However, the coming Gojo vs. Sukuna showdown should still worry fans.

As Gojo and Sukuna battled toe-to-toe in the second episode, Sukuna has yet to vanquish. Even if Satoru has beat Sukuna once.

Sukuna has only reaches 5% of his maximum potential. Sukuna may have a different narrative to tell when he reaches 100% of his strength.

It Was Still Possible For Him To Defeat And Imprison In His Own Hands Despite His Immense Power

Sukuna is without a doubt one of Gege Akutami’s most formidable jujutsu practitioners. When it comes to enemies, he has a wide range of cursed techniques. As well as a ferocious growth of his realm.

As well as yet, Sukuna begins this series as nothing more than some decayed digits. Fans may assume that Kenjaku locked Sukuna inside his own dismembered fingers because of the manga.

The mystery of how and why Sukuna is beat in a previous life remains unanswer for the manga’s readers.

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