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The Most Widely Used Programming Languages

The Most Widely Used Programming Languages

The tech industry has become a big deal around the world, with people scrambling for opportunities. One of the career hotspots in tech is software programming. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that programing will grow at a rate of 21% between 2018 and 2028, a margin bigger than other formally known major occupations. 

However, it is essential to note that the difficulty in programming lies in learning the languages and picking one that is suitable for the different positions offered. Do you learn as many code languages as possible or concentrate on one language and specialize in specific tasks? Do you pick a popular language or one that’s more obscure? 

3 Major Programming Languages

Understanding the vantage offered by learning a specific code language or the other can help in performance and productivity, especially for beginners in the field. Here is a list of the most used programming languages, their advantages, and disadvantages.


Anyone interested in coding has heard of JavaScript or has come across a website programmed using this language. This code is more prevalent among website developers as it is useful in creating the perfect interactive experience for users. 

Many beginners are also guided towards this language as it lays a foundation for more extensive projects such as apps while keeping interactivity in check. Novices will find JavaScript a more accessible language to penetrate the programming industry with because of the many tutorials and help from seasoned developers. 

A major downside of JavaScript relates to security. Because JS code runs on the client’s end, hackers often exploit oversights for malicious purposes. 


Python is another fan favorite language in the software programming field. Therefore, it’s one of the most accessible programming languages for beginners. Since its introduction in 1991, it has won the Language of the Year award three times, according to the TIOBE Index. Therefore, it is very easy to find and hire Python developers

Python as a language provides a library of toolkits and standards that are easy to follow and build on as one learns how to code. The language also offers integration with other coding languages, making it possible for learners to progress into other complex languages as they grow.

There are a few notable disadvantages to Python. It runs slower than other languages like C or C++, is very hungry for memory, and isn’t very suitable for mobile applications. 


Unlike JavaScript, Java relates to the creation of client-server applications. These apps are used mainly by big companies and corporations to help monitor or digitalize some of their functions. Due to its reputation, people who can work with Java are in high demand regardless of the industry. Moreover, Java is famous for the slogan “write once, run anywhere.” It’s pretty hard to beat a cross-platform coding language that’s beginner safe. 

When it comes to GUI, Java isn’t at the front of the pack, and applications tend to appear slightly behind the times. The code also executes slowly compared to other popular languages and requires a significant amount of space to run.

Whichever Route You Take, Remember to Have Fun

More and more companies and businesses are looking for programmers to help develop applications to grow their reach and manage their functions. Today, you don’t need to undertake a four-year degree to learn how to code. Picking up a language is as simple as going through a free course online. 

Suppose you’re looking to venture into the field, do your research. Some languages are worth your time, while others aren’t. Whatever path you decide to take, it is important to have fun and trust the process.