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Tips To Find The Right Eye Frame for Children 

Tips To Find The Right Eye Frame for Children 

There is no doubt that finding the right frame for your child is complicated for several reasons. It would help if you convinced them to put the glasses on their face, which is a daunting task for many parents. 

Not only this, but kids’ frames have many other challenges, from style, size, shape, and durability to comfortability. So, today we’ll help you find the right frames for your child that will be stylish & durable as well. 

Before you Purchase the Eye Frame 

So, before purchasing the eyewear for your child, it’s a good idea to schedule an eye exam for your child. This helps you know your child’s eye condition and even lets you choose the frame wisely.

10 Tips for to Shop Eye Frames for Kids 

If you are shopping for eye frames for your kids, then make sure to consider these tips we’ll cover in this session.

1 Lens Thickness – Eyeglasses prescription is always one of the primary concerns when choosing glasses. So, before you pick the frame and your kid loves that, make sure to consult with a doctor or optician about the lens of your kids. 

If the prescription suggests strong lenses that are slightly thick, you must avoid large frames, as it increases the thickness of the lenses. On the other hand, smaller lenses have fewer higher-order aberrations near the edge of the lens than those large lenses of the same prescription and material. That way, there is the slightest chance of blurred or distorted peripheral vision. 

 2 Consider Latest Style – Kids love to wear the latest & trendy frames as they are self-conscious about putting on the frames for the first time. As a parent, you need to look for an attractive & modern frame. Some features like photochromic lenses automatically turn into the dark in bright light inspire your child to wear the glasses. 

3 Plastic & Metal – The frames of the kids are made either of plastic or metal that imitate frames designed for the adults. Children quickly get attracted to these styles as they look more grown-up. Moreover, the kids like to choose the frames their elder siblings or parents wear. 

Earlier, the frames made up of plastic were chosen wisely due to being highly durable, flexible, lightweight, and affordable. But, these days, even the metal frames are designed to incorporate these features as well.

 4 Proper Bridge – The nose of the kids isn’t developed correctly, which creates a problem when choosing suitable glasses for them as plastic frames don’t have a bridge that prevents the frame from sliding down. Metal frames usually have adjustable nose pads, so they can easily be fit to the nose. 

You need to evaluate different frames to check the right fit. If there is a gap between the bridge of the nose and frame, the lens weight causes the glasses to slide, no matter how good the frame looks before the lens is made.

5 Right, Temple Size – Temple is another essential thing to consider while choosing the glasses frames for kids. It wraps around the back of the ears, helps the frame stay fit, and prevents it from sliding or dropping off. 

You can consider using a wraparound cable temple that is generally available on metal frames and keeps the glasses in place.

6 Spring Hinges – Temples with spring hinges are another excellent feature you can look for in kids’ eye frames, and they allow the temple to flex outward, aside from the frame, without causing damage. 

As we all know that kids aren’t careful while using the eye frame, these spring hinges help prevent the need for frequent adjustment or repair. 

7 Lens Material– Once you and your kids love the frame, the next thing you need to consider is the lenses. The kids’ lenses should be made of polycarbonate or Trivex material, which are significantly more impact-resistant than other lens materials and safer.

These material lenses have in-built protection against UV rays and scratch-resistant coatings. 

It’s a great choice to avoid using glass frames as they are heavy and can break easily.

 8 Sports Glasses– Polycarbonate is a type of lens material that you can let your child play in certain sports without the risk of breakage. However, these are good for sportswear but don’t provide much protection against balls or flying elbows. 

You can consider using a proper sports goggle with polycarbonate lenses for protection against eye injury. Also, consult with an eye care specialist or eye doctor before investing in these frames.

 9 Warranties – Most optical retailers offer warranty plans to replace the eyewear in case of damage either at no cost or for a small fee. You must always consider the warranty plan and what’s included in that before you make the purchase, especially for the kids. 

10 Have a Backup pair – As kids can be tough on their glasses, it’s an excellent idea to have a spare eye frame for backup. This is crucial if your child uses prescription eyeglasses, as the spare eyeglass can help your child to function with those backup eyeglass pairs. 

You often get a special discount on purchasing the two glasses and a great deal. 

Final Thought 

Choosing the kids frames is not easy and requires some extra effort, no doubt. However, by considering our tips & tricks, you can get the best frame for your child following the latest fashion statement. 

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