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Top 5 CBD Vape Pen Flavors To Try This Summer

Top 5 CBD Vape Pen Flavors To Try This Summer

Cannabis smokers are gradually drifting towards vaping cannabidiol for specific reasons. The compound is gifted with the potential to cause various physiological and psychological effects.

The possible therapeutic disposition of cannabidiol without the risk-posing psychoactive effects makes it an attractive alternative for most cannabis consumers.

As a result of its elevating popularity, brands have developed various CBD forms for consumers. One of them is a CBD vape pen. Not only is it a fascinating device but also available in palatable flavors to enhance the vaping experience.

A CBD vaping device uses a cannabidiol-infused solution as its vape juice. This device lets you inhale its vapors and give out dense smoke, which looks fantastic and feels satisfying at the same time.

Here, we will list the top 5 CBD vape pen flavors that best suit your taste! But before that, let us take a thorough review of the nature and background of cannabidiol.

CBD or cannabidiol: A brief note

While we see multiple products labeled with cannabidiol or CBD, a question likely pops up in our heads: What is CBD? Let us begin from its origin.

The cannabis species consists of numerous chemical compounds, specifically known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids tend to interact and influence the endocannabinoid receptors in our brain. Thus, producing several changes in the mind and body.

CBD is one such cannabinoid that affects the body. However, unlike its other counterparts like THC (also a cannabinoid), it is not psychoactive. Moreover, it possesses the potential to bring about benefits to the well-being of both body and mind.

Under legal regulations, the hemp plant is used to extract CBD. It is because the herb contains more cannabidiol and less THC.

The cannabinoid displays the potential as a therapeutic agent whose effects range from providing physical relief to mood upliftment.

How to enjoy vaping CBD?

One might introduce you to vaping in the form of an enjoyable activity that is comparatively new and cool. With vaping, you only inhale the vapors and not the smoke. Apart from this, the vaporizer device lets you give out a dense cloud of vapors. This fact reminds us that you can do exciting tricks with vaping CBD.

You can learn different vaping tricks and show them to your friends. Apart from this, one way to enjoy vaping CBD is through its variety of flavors. Cannabidiol e-liquids come in tasty and palatable flavors to enhance your vaping experience. Different flavors are added to this cannabinoid to mask its leaf-like aftertaste.

What are the 5 must-try CBD vape pen flavors to try this summer?

We are all inclined toward tasty food; vaping CBD is not an exception. Every brand presently introduces fascinating flavors and some unique flavor blends that go seemingly well with a cannabidiol-infused vape juice.

Following are the 5 must-try cannabidiol-infused vaping liquids to look out for this summer.

Sweet mango

For all mango lovers: CBD vape juices are also available in tempting mango flavors to satisfy your taste palates.

If you count yourself reaching out for mangoes in summer, a CBD e-liquid that contains the sweetness of mango will bring freshness while masking the bitter taste of cannabidiol oil during vaping.

Green apple & watermelon

If you look out for flavors that combine the taste and deliciousness of two different tropical fruits, then green apple & watermelon could be a great treat.

The blend will deliver the sweetness of watermelon with a sour hint of green apple. Together, this combination with cannabidiol will make you feel like puffing the breeze of summer.


Have we told you how aptly blueberry flavor fits with a grass-like aftertaste of CBD?

It is undeniable that any berry flavor hits different when vaped as a vape juice, particularly the blueberry one. You can also choose a blend of raspberry and blueberry to get that intense berry flavor with every puff.


Pineapple is the perfect tropical fruit we all reach out to in summers. However, a vape pen of this flavor tastes just as similar.

If you are crazy after piƱa coladas and their sour aftertaste, a CBD vaping device in pineapple flavor might just become your favorite this hot season.


Nothing can beat summers like lemonade. Its refreshing and energizing flavor is what makes all of us crave it.

Nevertheless, a vaporizer pen of this flavor is just as refreshing and stimulating. It may calm down your exhaustion and fatigue like a lemonade. 

What to know before going to buy a CBD vape pen?

Understanding a few points is crucial before buying them, whether it is a vape pen or any other CBD product. Under federal law, cannabidiol-infused products are legal only when extracted from the hemp plant. Moreover, they should not contain more than 0.3% of THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid).

Even though CBD is not a high-inducing cannabinoid, one should always be mindful of its concentration when opting to consume it. It is because brands have introduced various labels and concentrations of CBD to suit the needs of consumers.

One can begin vaping an e-liquid containing a minimum concentration of cannabidiol in it. This action would allow smooth progress towards CBD products and prevent you from adverse effects.

What are the probable adverse side effects of vaping CBD?

Our knowledge about the effectiveness of CBD is based on consumer reports and experiences. Nevertheless, the natural disposition of the cannabinoid remains a potential therapeutic and medicinal remedy. Although, it may end up causing some side effects like:

  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Excessive sleep
  • Irregular appetite
  • Nausea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Irritability

Even though the above are some adverse effects of vaping CBD, they can be addressed with appropriate actions. One should discontinue vaping if one faces any consequences. 

Other CBD forms except for vape pens

Now that we have summed up interesting facts about CBD vape pen flavors, it will be fascinating to learn about other cannabidiol-infused products.

If you hesitate to try out CBD as a vape pen, you can choose from the multiple other forms that include gummies, tinctures, oils, capsules, and energy drinks. They, too, come in varying flavors and concentrations.

The bottom line

We all get drifted to fruity flavors during summers, and vape juices are no exception. You might wish to try out these five flavors to refresh your taste buds this summer and enjoy the wholesome experience of calmness whenever you inhale the vapors.

Although these medicated cbd flavors are tempting and delicious, refrain from continuous vaping. A vape pen might be an alternative to smoking, but it still carries potential health risks.