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Trip To Guatemala | Harris First Stop In Guatemala 

Trip To Guatemala | Harris First Stop In Guatemala 

Trip To Guatemala | Harris First Stop In Guatemala: Vice President Kamala Harris meets the leaders, organizers, and entrepreneurs of Guatemala. On Monday, and showcases the nation as a critical factor. In America’s efforts to stem migrant flows across the southern border.

The government will present measures to combat migrant trafficking in human beings at the first stop of Harris’ two-day visit to Guatemala and Mexico to announce further anti-corruption measures. That said, a senior government official informed reporters travelling with Harris before the announcement.

In recent months, Harris and her team have worked in close collaboration. With Guatemala and Mexico in finding solutions to the roots of Central American migrants. Officials say the fight against corruption in the region will be an essential focus.

Trip To Guatemala | Harris First Stop In Guatemala

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Harris Strategies

The diplomatic and negotiating skills of Harris are being tried for a two-day journey as they aim to address an issue that was politically laden with distress and divisive Republicans and Democrats.

In his role as former President Obama, Harris largely adapted Biden’s strategy of working. With Mexico and the North Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras on poverty, violence, corruption. A lack of economic opportunity and other conditions to house hundreds of thousands of migrants.

Although the difficulties in the countries are complex, experts say the Vice-Presidente has an opportunity by suggesting policy changes that might contribute to a record increase in migrants at the United States’ southern border. The ideas include increased anti-corruption measures, support for and collaboration with non-governmental organizations. And assistance to Central American countries affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mexican and Guatemalan Proposal

In virtual discussions with Harris last year, Giammattei and López Obrador agreed to support Biden’s management strategy. But details of those agreements still had to be established.

Ariel Ruiz Soto, an analyst of the Migration Policy Institute, said he did not expect any meaningful compromise or agreements from the trip. But he felt that it was vital for the United States to establish a new tonne and take the chance to show symbolic resolution.

Guatemala Trip Task

The visit aims to strengthen these countries’ commitments and use practical elements in the future to hold these countries accountable and accountable. And also to provide a little more viability to Guatemalan civil society organizations looking for a more extended opening.

For Harris, the trip helps to burn its credibility in the region and provides Central American and Mexican governments with a direct line if agreements are breach, says Ruiz.

We appear to be approaching commitments to action and increased experience and specificity in the field. Still, it is impossible to predict if the presidents of Mexico and Guatemala would accept these initiatives.

Anti-Corruption Campaigns

According to analysis, the conditions in the area, which includes a democratic backlash, the rule of law regression, and human rights decline, have changed drastically. 

A list of 16 former and existing politicians in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala was issued last month by the State Department. In recent years Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández has been charged with trafficking in drugs, whereas a Manhattan court sentenced his brother to life for trafficking in drugs. Orlando Hernández denied the allegations.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele condemn globally after five judges and the Attorney General was removed from the Supreme Court of El Salvador by his national parliamentary alienates.

Otherwise, the annual Human Rights report of the State Department cautioned Mexico of gang violence and press freedom limitations as it criticized the conditions of the country’s prison and detention centres. For the annual report and assistance to an NGO, Lopez Obrador criticized his government and slammed the US.


As part of the battle against corruption and a more comprehensive diplomatic strategy for the region, the administration has proposed a $4 billion aid against the root causes of migration. However, the White House has taken care to ensure that funding goes to NGOs and civil society organizations and governments. Entities Beltrán claims Guatemala is attempting to undermine.

Its thought that any funds. Hence a clear message conveys to the Northern Triangle governments, including Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. Anti-corruption and good governance policies are necessary preconditions. Several experts have claimed that the Obama administration employs this tactic. Empowering governments by assisting them can only accomplish through help. Instead of helping those in need, try giving back in some way.

Persist To Pandemic Vaccines

However, countries have begun to call on the United States to transfer more of its vaccine supplies. Biden’s administration has proposed using the COVAX vaccine alliance to distribute 25 million doses in Africa, Asia, South America and the West and Central Americas.

Biden stated that nearly half of the world’s leaders sought his assistance. Therefore obtaining COVID-19 vaccines, he promised to share 80 million surplus doses by the end of June.

Guatemala Temporary Protective Status

Harris’ upcoming visit to Guatemala and Mexico is inspiring. Activists to call on the Biden administration to give TPS to Guatemalans.

TPS, established by Congress in 1990, grants haven to people who have fled war, epidemics, or natural disasters. Therefore, activists want to see a new TPS designation for Central American people like Hondurans, Salvadorans, and Nicaraguans.

 The court case is whether the TPS designation should continue for those migrants from those three countries. TPS benefits extend to those countries but set to expire in October. Those countries’ new applicants, however, cannot apply. As a result, some activists believe a new TPS designation is necessary.

 Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently announce a new TPS designation for Haitians. The TPS designation for Haiti was litigation in the courts. Hence TPS is allowing new applicants to apply. 

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